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Critical Thinking For Homeland Security Essay

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Critical Thinking for Homeland Security
Written Assignment Two: Mindsets and Biases
Kimberly Manning
Thomas Edison State College

From the moment we are born we begin to learn about the many things we see that are around us in the world. Many of us have learned and experienced the same things, while others have learned and experienced differently. Each of the experiences we go through, whether we live the experience or hear about one, we develop our own opinions and thoughts accordingly. Depending on our experiences one tends to develop a specific mindset and bias towards people, places, and things.
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Unfortunately, one will find that in watching something as simple as the nightly news, we learn mostly about the negative things that have happened recently in our areas. As people of a
community we have a right to know the negative things that are happening around us, however one is to develop a bias or mindset that the world is not such a great place with constant information such as this.
The media today plays a large role in our mindset and opinions about things. Not only does the news sway our opinions, but magazine covers are forever telling us who is dating who, and what has happened in each celebrity’s life. Truth or fiction, we are either going to believe what they are saying, or believe its hogwash. Two people can pick up the same magazine and have their own mindset on what is happening. This is all due to a past. If there is a story about someone cheating on another, someone who has been cheated on in their life will most likely believe the story and develop a biased opinion of the people being discussed, where one who may have been accused of cheating untruthfully may develop a very different biased opinion. Two people reading the same story have very different mindsets due to their own life experiences.
Race has played a large roll in mindsets and biases in this world today. In America today, every human being has equal rights as does any other person given they are in regulation of the law. However, there are a small portion of the population who ruin the mindsets of others due to specific acts. I believe that within the last couple of months, there has been several incidents throughout the U.S. that race has come into play. Because of this, many people formulate opinions and mindsets on how they view race issues. I do not believe that anything does, or should happen to a person because of their race or ethnicity, but, that is the mindset that I have. I don’t believe in racism and to me, everyone is the same.
I think that a good example of mindset and biases within the subject of homeland security is peoples opinions about people from the Middle East following September 11th. Since that sad day people seemed to have formed an opinion that every person from that...

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