Critical Thinking Application Paper

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This paper will provide a brief description of what critical thinking is; also explains the importance of using critical thinking. Further in the reading there will be an example of critical thinking applied within the home environment which is followed by a strategic plan and the steps will be provided to show the improvement, and finally the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes closing with the conclusion.

What is critical thinking and why is important
Critical thinking has many definitions from many different perspectives yet the simple definition can be define as the ability to think clearly and rationally. “Includes the ability to ...view middle of the document...

For example, being a fulltime stay home mother can be challenging when it comes to educate our children if we do not resolve behavioral problems adequately consequences can be devastating. As a mother I had to apply the critical thinking to discipline my son and make him stop from hitting his baby sister. The process was a challenge and need it to drop my level to his in order for him to understand. I build a plan of five days in where I was going to use my ability to think clear and prudent, brainstorm different ways of punishment, and finally deliver a decision-making to resolve the problem. As simple as it sounds it was very difficult to apply the plan to a four- year-old child.
Putting the plan in action
First, I thought of spanking him every time he would hurt his sister but again violence would only influence more violence. Second, removing favorite toys until behavior would improve: he is only four- years-old and has many favorite toys it would not have worked. Third, time out will only bore him and put him to sleep. After measuring all the brainstorming the best choice arise to be the most rational and appropriate for the child. The combination of the punishment that it was prudent for a toddler and the clear idea came to my mind by establishing comfortable and secure decision-making. The decision was made , the toddler had to kiss and hug his baby sister this got him annoyed therefore he diminish the violence toward her and finally his favorite foods were remove from him for the day for example, if dessert was strawberries with cool whip he would have only crackers. This punishment was clearly visual and appropriate for his mentality level, as a mother I could explain to him verbally what he was doing...

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