Critical Thinking And Ethics Essay

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

According to "Google" (2015), the definition of critical thinking is,

"The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a

judgment." Basically, it means making an impartial, factual decision

based on data and information received. Kirby, Goodpaster and Levine

(1999), described creative thinking, organization, logical thinking,

scientific thinking, persuasive thinking, and problem solving as all

being part of critical thinking.

Ellis and Toft (2015) states, "Psychologist Benjamin Bloom described six kinds of thinking:

Level 1: Remembering

Level 2: Understanding

Level 3: Applying

Level 4: Analyzing

Level 5: Evaluating

Level 6: Creating"

By using all 6 components to critical thinking, we can find facts to

substantiate our beliefs and decisions. They ...view middle of the document...

I disagree with this finding.

People are human and by nature fallible beings. There are none perfect.

My personal ethics are based on my Spiritual beliefs. I believe in God

as the Creator of all. He is my higher authority and as such, the edicts

and principles in the Bible, (scriptures inspired by God), are that which

my personal ethics are based off of. I make decisions based on the

Word of God. It helps by giving a clear depiction of right and wrong.

Even knowing this however, does not mean that one is infallible.

In the professional environment, individuals are given an

organization's Code of Conduct whenever they become a part of it.

This Code tells in detail, what exactly is required of a new member

or employee. By accepting membership or employment with an

organization, you must agree to comply with the Code of Conduct or

risk disciplinary action and or termination from the organization.

Many friends have a "Code" that they live by. These are usually

unwritten rules that are established as relationships form a

closer bond. Breaking the "Code" might negatively affect the

friendship or end it permanently, due to trust being broken.

In conclusion, critical thinking is very complex, but we all seem to

have the ability to use it on different levels. Continued utilization of

the process of critical thinking will enable one with the ability to make

sound decisions based on facts.

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