Critical Thinking And Asking The Right Questions

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Critical Thinking
Asking the Right Questions

Mark Buscemi

To survive in such a complex and diverse world we as people must possess the ability to think critically in highly complex situations. The world is an extremely challenging place, all of us are forced to adapt by constantly challenging existing principles and performing certain methods to ensure our growth both physically and mentally. Many claim that contemporary society needs a skill called critical thinking to adapt and survive. Critical thinking is a higher level of intellectual progression that makes use of diverse information, skills and attitudes in interpreting situations and confronting problems. ...view middle of the document...

It is not a simple process of thinking but entails an ability to make use of personal skills, perspectives and values to establish a frame of reference that would result to more effective actions or differing points of view.
Successfully being able to make decisions at any given time by being able to put plans into effect quickly and efficiently is the characteristic of a true critical thinking. Of all the researched definitions of the meaning of critical thinking, it is best described by Scriven and Paul in the following draft written for The Center for Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action (2004). Given this information one can conclude that critical thinking is not an effortless process of obtaining information from observation through communication with others. Critical thinking brings a specific manner where each individual seeks and stores important information. Critical thinking is an ongoing process and will continue to play an important role in the lives of each individual daily. To be productive and think critically each individual must thoroughly understand the process.
According to Millman (1988) critical thinking can be used to either defend or revise and evaluate initial beliefs. It has been stated that critical thinking requires certain attitudes to assist throughout the critical thinking process. According to Millman (1988) a critical thinker must be able to understand and accept that critical thinking is a droning and complex process where the individuals engaged must be motivated and determined to see the process through. Throughout the critical thinking process every critical thinker will come across common errors and misconceptions and must understand that they are there to assist in providing feedback. Every critical thinker will also encounter different perspectives and opinions throughout the process and is required to understand all sides of the issue before drawing a conclusion. Most if not all critical thinkers need to possess the ability to derive and investigate on a correct bias. Critical thinkers must understand that ideas set by any theory or belief must be evaluated and comprehended before being acknowledged or rejected. Being able to modify personal values and ideas when proper logical evidence is presented is vital to the critical thinking process. Lastly, critical thinkers must understand and be aware that there is no problem or argument too complex that cannot be understood (Millman 1988).
Thinking critically is extremely difficult and takes a lot of hard work and practice. Every critical thinker must be able to understand and consider their own beliefs culturally, socially, and personally before offering a perspective. Finally,...

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