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Critical Thinking Essay

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Solve a Problem
Amanda Taubert
October 8, 2012

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The creative process requires more than just a creative mind; it takes a creative mind using the right tools in the right manner. Yes! The first step is to search for creative ways to solve challenges. These challenges come from problems and issues, some of which do not invoke a strong emotion and require a great deal of insight to solve. Once you have searched through the problems and issues[,] it is time to find the best way to express the problem or issue. In doing this you are looking for the ...view middle of the document...

The only form of communication we share is email,[;] he won’t speak to me over the phone, he won’t answer my text messages, and every time we talk face to face we fight. Not good! We have to communicate at the very least every other weekend, which is when he has them, but we should be communicating semi regularly with the kids being in school. There is information he should want to have[,] but he claims he does not want to know anything. The primary problem is our lack of communication[;] another expression of that is the children suffer because of our lack of communication. I’m not surprised. The stress that we both suffer due to the lack of communication causes problems in our daily life. There are many different ways to look at the problem[,] but they all end in suffering.
In order to investigate the problem I have asked myself several questions: Why doesn’t he communicate with me? Why don’t I like to communicate with him? What happens when we don’t communicate well? How can I improve the communication? Can I improve the communication on my own? These are questions I ask myself every day because I know we will never be able to raise our kids together in peace if the communication doesn’t improve. I know the communication is not all his fault, as communication is a two way street, but he is definitely a big part of the problem. As I said, I suffer with this problem daily. A serious problem, and one that is ripe for a solution!
I believe the reason he does not communicate is because he is still very hurt and angry about the whole divorce. He still loves me and it is hard for him to communicate with me without him feeling hurt. I struggle to communicate with him because I am still very angry with him and I get more and more angry every time he won’t communicate with me like an adult. When we fail to communicate the kids, and all the things about the kids, falls through the cracks. He should want to know what is going on with the kids and he should want to be a part of their lives more than just every other weekend. I can’t make him want to know[,] so I am left with giving him information when he asks for it and hoping that someday he will want more information. These are my choices because I can’t fix the communication on my own. We need to work together so we can raise our kids in a healthy environment. Definitely.
There are many things I have come up with the to solve this problem, some will work and others will not. We could see a mediator or counselor. We could only communicate via email and nothing else[,] but only if he was willing to actually respond. We could communicate through an objective third party. We could have a conversation about our communication and try to fix the problems together. We could stop communicating all together and hope for the best. My favorite option, I could move away with my babies and never have to worry about him again. There are many things that we could try[,] but most of...

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