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Critical Review Of "Culture And Conflict: Japanese Managers And Thai Subordinates"

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From the past until now, the Japanese were and still are one of the biggest investors in Thailand, under this cross-cultural context; the Japanese management system applied in Thailand is mismanaged. In the article Culture and Conflict: Japanese managers and Thai subordinates, Fredric William and Jun Onishi did their research based on the cultural dimensions of Hofstede’s conceptual framework, it conducted a study on possible conflicts between Japanese and Thai subordinates when they have different perceptions.

The research provided evidences that the expectation of Japanese managers and Thai subordinates adapting in a different cultural context are reversed according to three aspects ...view middle of the document...

4) Thai subordinates are unhappy with Japanese type of consensual decision making even they accepted this decision making process. 5) Thai staff don't want to contribute their free time to quality circle because they think it should be conducted during working hours.

On Japanese business practice side, it also has significant differences. First of all, Japanese managers have different roles in Thailand, this causes Thai staff misunderstand of them. Secondly, Japanese style of punitive action also cannot be accepted by Thai staff. The last one is different senses of self pride causes the misunderstanding.

The findings of this article showed the major source of conflict is different perception on equality, innovation and quality circles; and different views about consensus and the separation of private and work time. On the other hand, the findings also showed that Japanese managers adapt more to Thai culture and Thai subordinates also adapt to the Japanese style of management and human resource system. But in some critical areas such as motivation, consensus teamwork and the emphasis on cross-cultural understanding, the Japanese managers and Thai subordinates are still have different perception.


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