Critical Response To Runaway Globalization Without Governance

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In his article Runaway Globalization Without Governance, Nayan Chanda(2008) asserts that nowadays, the lack of global governance, especially that from the U. S., has put the world created by globalization on a precarious position. In contemporary society, the emergence of the three global challenges-“the issues of sovereignty and national security”, nuclear crisis, and global climate changes- has made it really imperative for all countries to enhance global governance. In my opinion, it is indeed necessary for all countries to participate in global governance to surmount various global challenges. However, it is idealistic of Chanda to simply hope that super powers like the U. S. will actively push the establishment of global rules when such action actually goes against the their national interest.

Firstly, I agree that global governance is an essential factor in the further development of globalization ...view middle of the document...

Specifically, WTO plays a key role in supervising the administration of trade agreements and at the same time provides a democratic platform for negotiations and for settling conflicts. In addition, the WHO, as one important branch of the United Nations, has stimulated the generation and dissemination of a multitude of medical technologies and mitigated the spread of communicable diseases such as SARS and H1N1.

Secondly, however, Chanda(2008) seems to oversimplify the cause of the current global challenges. According to Chanda(2008), the three major global problems should be attributed to the lack of global governance, or more specifically, the failure of U.S. to develop global rules. Chanda(2008) mentions the noncooperation from U.S. is understandable to some extent but he does not delve deeper into the how the current situation can be changed or just alleviated. In my opinion, Chanda just keeps appealing that the U.S. should take their due responsibility to facilitate global governance simply because the further development of the world and globalization needs it. This article does inculcate in me the significance of global governance, especially that from the U.S. Nevertheless, there is little point arguing its importance if the plan itself does not seem to be feasible. From my viewpoint, if no specific and practical approaches to better global governance are available, Chanda could just refine his argument to be “All countries should do their utmost to mitigate ‘the issues of sovereignty and national security’, tackle nuclear crisis and ameliorate global warming.”

In conclusion, better global governance, as argued by Chanda is highly relevant in contemporary society to ensure the further development of globalization and the world. Notwithstanding, people should make more efforts to exploring how it can be achieved rather than idealistically hope that super powers like the U.S. pursue the development of global rules while putting aside their national interests.

Chanda, N. (2008). Runaway globalization without governance. Global Governance, 14, 119-125.

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