Critical Read, Listen And Reviewing

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Explain why "Some people think that online education is not as effective as a traditional classroom" is unreasonable.
Online education can be as effective a traditional classroom education because even though the individual are interacting over the Internet connection the educational abilities are similar. Therefore, with online learning individuals are self-teaching. This takes a person of superior comprehension such as listening, speaking, and cognitive skills. The critical thinking abilities are a huge advantage for the online learners as well as the traditional learners.

Explain why "You can’t learn as much online as in a normal classroom" is unreasonable.
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Additionally, before doing any online degree programs those students should research, research, and research because accreditation is a big "must." Students have many ways to retrieving if all the facts add up with online schools. Online schools have many benefits to offer students as the learner. This includes accessibility, juggling work, family, school and many people are not able to afford going to school with other living costs such as gas, food, materials, and much more. For that person online schooling is a God sent. Many have compared the salaries with traditional and online education the bias was not perceptible in the data in, either.

Assessment B: Identify Strategies for Critical Reading, Listening, and Viewing

Pauleen has decided to approach the continued education with the online degree program. In making this decision, of course, it was not an easy task. The issues taken into consideration are the advantages, which include flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. The convenience is a huge advantage if the individuals’ think about the travel time if the person lives in a rural area, which could be many miles away from campuses. The flexibility allows students to work around their family lives and a hectic working schedule. What catches...

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