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Critical Issues Paper

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Critical Issues Paper
Renaye Walker
February 26, 2012

Critical Issues Paper
Some examples of technology used in policing has been constantly changing over the years on how police departments operate. By utilizing up to date equipment improves the efficiency and effectiveness of how well or poorly it will impact the officers safety. Unlike years ago when law enforcement didn't have some of the equipment provided to them today, it has increased its mobility through telephone and radio (Law enforcement in the 21st century). In the first stage (1881-1945) a gentleman by the name of August Vollmer established the first forensic laboratory, criminal investigators ...view middle of the document...

As time continued to progress, society then entered the computer age. During this time, call distribution centers, computerized databanks, and computer sections became popular in police agencies. Advancements of this type of technology was established through Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1967, Johnson created the President's Commission's on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice to analyze crime patterns in the country, as well as the resources available to combat them (law enforcement in the 21st century). During this period there was a notable gap between the technologies that were being used by law enforcement applications, and the technologies that were currently available. As previously noted, police spend most of their budgets on personnel and standard equipment and have little left over to buy new technologies ( Although there has been an increase in funding for technology in the recent years, it is still inadequate to address the level of research and technology development necessary for bringing much needed technologies to near-term fruition in supporting the requirements of our nation's law enforcement agencies (
In 1968, the first 911 system became the driving force for police departments across the country (Seaskate 1998). This system would help increase calls for service by easing the access to the police in times of emergency. The technology continued to grow over the years to make the duties of law enforcement as less complicated as possible. The use of modern technology in today's policing has become widespread in securing Americas borders and everyday policing duties. In policing there are applications significant to the aid of police officers; database and information technology, computer-aided dispatch, records management systems, and mobile computing.
The use of less-than-lethal weapons were provided for law enforcements, corrections, and military officers with an alternative to lethal force. Example of these type of weapons include such items as bean bags, rubber bullets, electronic stun devices, striking maneuvers, using the hands or a baton, chemical sprays, or application holds to pressure points. The concept of less lethal weapons are not anything new to society. These weapons were designed to temporarily incapacitate, confuse, delay, or restrain a suspect/suspects in many different situations. The use of less-than-lethal weapons have been used in suicide interventions, riots in a prison, hostage rescues, on the street disturbances and many other instances. Less-than-lethal weapons might affect policing in today's society if the suspect has no reaction to the weapons used. By that I mean, some suspects might continue to resist after being pepper...

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