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Critical Issues In Policing Paper

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Critical Issues in Policing Paper
Mark Camarillo
May 9, 2013
Gary M. Clifford II, M.A.

Critical Issues in Policing Paper
Many issues arise when policing in the community on a daily basis. Police officers have to face personal, social control, democratic principles, professional codes, public trust, and to adhere for the safety of the public. Police officers deal with different stressors on a daily basis not only their own personal life but the life they deal with in the society. They must prepare mentally, internally, externally, physical, and operational. They face the fact that they may not only have their own life in danger but as well as others at all times. ...view middle of the document...

It is important that all officers are properly trained and are aware of any new and improved techniques.
With technology evolving so rapidly in the twenty first century policing is becoming more and more efficient allowing officers to operate better than the past. There is the in car camera systems that are installed in the police cars for the purpose of video footage of the events that take place in any situation. Let us not forget about the photo cameras that take pictures of traffic violations in different communities. Policing also have graffiti cameras that take photos of suspects vandalizing private property. Therefore having these cameras may also help with illegal dumping in the community. It is also important to be aware that the cameras work under solar panels which are environmentally safe to the community. There are several devices that are used for policing such as lasers, automatic license plate recognition, drones and aerial surveillance devices to name a few.
The lack of communication with Homeland Security and Law Enforcement has been one of the biggest issues in the past but since September 11, 2001. Since this traumatic event it has been the most important priority for the federal, law, state, homeland security and the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, agencies have been working together and training law enforcement agencies to be more involved and to be more like intelligence agencies. They have created fusion centers where state, local and federal agencies have a major focal point. It is important that we have the ability to communicate with one another in order to be prepared for terrorists.
One of my concerns in policing would be police corruption. Police corruption is when an officer uses their power for their own personal for example when an officer allows drug trafficking which happens on a daily basis as long as they receive some sort of pay off. They will receive money or even narcotics for their own personal use. Police is not something new to our society but it seems that it has grown more in the twenty first century. The come out with these movies based on the LAPD for example; where you see officers tamper with evidence by stealing it from the agency or planting it on a scene to arrest someone because they did not want to give them some...

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