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Critical Information Systems Essay

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Critical Information Systems
Lance Kaea Carson
BSA 310
May 15, 2011
Rich Harrell

Critical Information Systems

An Information System is an organizations framework for efficiency, productivity, and functionality. It “is a collection of hardware, software, data, people and procedures that are designed to generate and disseminate information and data that supports the activities of an organization” (International Graduate, 2011). Kudler Fine Foods is an organization specializing in providing domestic and imported sustenance to consumers. This paper clarifies an information system critical to their business process and examines how this system has an effect on the organization’s ...view middle of the document...

Critical Systems

The transaction processing system (TPS) is an information system type used by organizations such as Kudler Fine Foods to “…capture and process data generated during an organization’s day-to-day activities” (Discovering Computers, 1999). This is a highly critical system because it governs not just one aspect of Kudler Fine Foods’ organizational structure, but contributes to the core operations of the company. Transaction processing systems provide support for other existing systems already used by the organization and open the door for other information technology (IT) systems that may need to be developed or acquired later as well. The management information system (MIS) is an excellent example of how critical TPS is to other IT systems. TPS is frequently attributed to the design of MIS and other evolved information systems.

Structure Effect

Kudler Fine Foods is a retail store specializing in the sale of domestic and imported food products. The company has three stores throughout the San Diego metropolitan area, making communication and business transactions essential to the company’s well being. Its entire operation depends on business transactions made either by the organization, employees, or consumers. For example, a business activity such as conducting inventory can be extremely time-consuming and represents a large aspect of Kudler Fine Foods’ Budget. Transaction processing systems can help eliminate non-generating income merchandise, maintain adequate inventory levels, and track sales. Other activities that prove TPS is critical to Kudler’s organization are deposits, payments, and ordering. All transactions of which require data to be captured and processed to generate a specific result through potential sub-systems.
Another example is how retail stores often use point-of-sale (POS) terminals, a probable...

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