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PY1101 – Writing in Psychology

APA 6th Edition “HOW TO” GUIDE

In Psychology, we use the formatting guidelines as set out in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition. This is a starter guide to the APA formatting guidelines. This guide is not all-inclusive, but will help get you started for your first assignment. Burton’s ‘An interactive approach to writing essays and research reports in Psychology’ is the best guide to help you with APA formatting and referencing. There are other resources online and in the library also.

Setting up the Format

You need to consider all aspects of the format of the document. The easiest thing to do is ...view middle of the document...

• Avoid the use of direct quotes
• Proofread your work!

Title (on Title page)
• You must have one
• Should summarise the main idea of the paper simply and with style – concise statement of the main topic and should identify the actual variables or theoretical issues under investigation and the relationship between them
• Recommended length 10-12 words

NOTE: For our purposes, your title page should also include your name, student ID number, tutor’s name, tutorial time, and due date. See example below.

|Running head: SHORT PHRASE 1 |
| |
|Title |
| |
| |
|Name: |
|Student ID Number: |
|Tutor: |
|Tutorial: |
|Due Date: |

The critical evaluation should include an introductory paragraph, evaluation of each of the research papers and a concluding paragraph.

Introductory Paragraph:
• Starts on a new page (no heading)
• Describes the research topic(s) being critically evaluated
• Statement of the aims and purpose of the critical evaluation

Critical Evaluation Body:
Each of the research papers should be evaluated separately using the following questions as a guide:
• Identify the source:
o Where was the research paper published?
o When was the research paper published?
o Who was the author of the research paper?
• Analyse the argument:
o Is the argument made by the researchers based on sound theory?
o Have the researchers presented alternative sides of the argument?
o Have any technical terms or jargon been properly defined?
o Does the evidence support the argument?
o Are the hypotheses proposed by the researchers appropriate?
o Are the arguments made by the researchers weak?
• Examine the research methodology
o Who were the participants in this study?
o Does the research include a representative sample?
o How were the participants recruited for this study?
o How was the study conducted?
• Evaluate the results[1]
o Are the results presented clearly?
o Do the results support the hypotheses made by the researchers?
o Are the results interpreted with insight?
• Analyse the conclusions/implications
o Are the conclusions supported by the findings and other evidence?
o Are the conclusions logical or are they beyond the scope of the study?

Concluding paragraph:
• Synthesis of the findings form the critical evaluations.
• Draw a...

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