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Critical Concept Of Strategic Leadership Essay

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Strategic Leadership

Critically evaluate the concept of strategic leadership |

Every business, especially within our current and very intricate global settings, is subject of an extremely challenging venture in terms of features which may influence the function of an organisation (Hakansson and Snehota, 1995; Yli-Renko and Autio, 1998). The achievement or an eventual fiasco of a business is ascribed to these features (Gulati et al., 2000; Möller and Rajala, 2007). Therefore, strategic leaders aptitudes ought to be advanced perpetually and accurately in order to prepare them to face todays challenges as they might be eventually harder in the forthcoming (Hitt et al., ...view middle of the document...

He continues declaring that strategic leadership requires making choices through diverse values, actions, schedules, traits and requests, hence, entails the creation of schemes that may be practical, necessary and adequate by the organisation and its associates-either shared, interdepartmental or worldwide. Strategic leadership appeals the aptitude to make rigorous, coherent choices-explicitly, substantial choices demanding serious inferences (Adner, 2002). However, Hitt et al., (2009) defined strategic leadership as the “ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility and empower others to create strategic change as necessary. They continued stating that “strategic leadership involves managing through others, managing an entire enterprise rather than a functional subunit and copying with change that continues to increase in the global economy” (Hitt et al., 2009). As all these delineations imply, strategic leadership focuses on marketing, production or manoeuvres, incorporation management, research and improvement, investment as well as new technological information schemes to reach organisational attainment (Kotler et al., 2010). The expression strategic planning or strategic management is similarly applied as a synonym for strategic leadership.

Strategic leadership is leading relative of an organisation in order to defy and embrace any occasions occurring within the contingent settings (Northouse, 2001). According to Mullins (2005) these settings are constituted by those external components which influence in a straight line the accomplishment of an organisation objectives and the development of new ones. As a result, Stumpf and Mullen (1999) affirm that the scheme design and management of an organisation ought to match with the strategic activities engaged for prolific subsystems, in addition to those offering productivity conveyance and additional support utilities for the company (Stumpf, 1988). To the probable magnitude, the company centres its activities upon strategic planning which, instead of an effort that occurs once, is a continuous procedure of reworking of novel commencements of objectives, mission, arrangement, functions and so onwards relation to environmental changing aspects (Stumpf, 1988).

Moreover, owing to the presence of rivalries in plus outer the field of marketing, it has become extremely important for an organisation to set strategic leadership and establish a strategic design for the company’s advancement and enhancement (Lord et al., 1986). It is also because the current genuineness of globalization, fast-paced ups and downs in technology, growing rivalry, shifting employees, fluctuating market and financial circumstances and evolving means shortages all growth the difficulty of present management (Lord et al., 1986). Although strategic planning has been a competitive benefit within the last years, it has become need of inclusive thinking within this era (Mullins, 2007). According to Stumpf and Mullen...

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