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Critical Book Review

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Critical Book Review
Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
Michelle Beel
Liberty University
Psych 307

Dr. Mark Lasser’s book “Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction” gives insight to those who suffer from sexual addiction and to the families, friends and other people in their lives. Dr. Mark Lasser has chosen to write this book, to share with others his personal struggle and victory with sexual addiction. Dr. Lasser has written this book from a Christian view, to give other individuals hope in a difficult and growing disease, which is taking control and destroying our families. Lasser defines sexual addiction as “a sickness involving any type of uncontrollable sexual ...view middle of the document...

(AAMFT) of these addict “experts speculate up to 10 percent of the Christian population in the United States is sexually addicted, if this number is accurate then in a congregation of 500 members, would have 50 who are sexual addicts, two-thirds of all Christian men have admitted to struggling with pornography, and in another study 40 percent of pastors surveys confessed to viewing pornography.”(Lasser, 2004, pp 15) Sexual sin in the church is not new as we see from these numbers, and due to the fact that these are Christians many of them do not seek help, they feel shameful, fearful and confused, and will just quietly keep this issue to themselves, this making it difficult to know, “Christian sexual addicts are gentle, kind, and care for others, to other church members they may appear as the “Ideal” Christian, but their secret side, the sexual addict does evil and harmful things, sexual things, some of which are too horrible to describe.” (Lasser, 2004, pp16)
In Dr. Mark Lasser’s book “Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction” there are 4 major themes being explored, Part One: What is Sexual Addiction? Here Dr. Lasser explains what sexual addiction is, and what the three building blocks of sexual addiction are “Sexual Fantasy, Pornography, and Masturbation”. (Lasser, 2004, pp 28)Lasser expands on the different types of sexual addiction, and give us understanding of the different characteristic of the addiction. Major theme part 2: “The Roots of Sexual Addiction”, here Lassser gives the roots of sexual addiction and explains the reasons why it happens, these reasons as listed are Unhealthy Family Dynamics, and Family abuse, and how sex addicts cope with abuse. Major theme part 3: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, here Lasser tells us that the journey of healing is “lifetime not a one-time event” (Lasser, 2004, pp 121) In this part of the book Lasser shows and gives hope that this addiction can be overcome and the addict can have a normal and happy healed life with hard work, though counseling, both family and individual, Laaser explains what some of the treatment issues may be and how to work through those issue to obtain sobriety. Theme part 4: Healing the Wounds of the Church, as noted earlier Lasser states that “40 percent of pastors confess to problems with pornography”, and Lasser further states that “23 percent of 300 pastors had done something sexually inappropriate with someone other than their spouse, and that 12 percent have engaged in intercourse with someone other than their spouse” (Laaser, 2004, pp194) He notes that there are...

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