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Critical Analysis On Parental Neglecr

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Parental neglect is one topic which has been argued on for a while now. It is true that due to ‘nuclear family” creation and career-oriented parents, neglects of kids is ever increasing. Parents are not able to give as much time to their kids as they should. This has been pointed out in Ms. Malkin’s article where she is trying to convince readers to rethink their position and take actions before it is too late. Ms. Malkin’s article is certainly an attention grabber but is it convincing? Yes, to some extent it is. The article is certainly thought provoking.
She is claiming that besides social pressures and low self-esteem, absence of parents is a major cause for teenagers being captivated by internet. She has supported this claim by using Katie’s ...view middle of the document...

I agree that it is the parents’ duty to look out for their children but can they do it always? Nowadays kids in order to look cool or be cool do stuff which are not acceptable. They do it to impress their peers, to be a part of a group and not because they are necessarily neglected. The writer at one point stresses on low self esteem and peer pressure as a cause of Katie’s involvement with mark but doesn’t elaborate much on how it affects Katie and teenagers like her. In my opinion these assumption shouldn’t be dismissed altogether as social pressures and low self esteem can sometimes be causes of teenagers being mislead. These are certainly worthy of consideration as teenagers are at an age where they are confused and scared of the changes and so are easily mislead by anyone.
In conclusion all I want to say is that Ms. Malkin should not be so hasty in emphasizing her position by using one story. There are other stories where other factors beside parental neglect were causes of assault on teenagers and even kids. Although I have to agree on one point that this article does aid in warning kids against being lured by such predators and parents to fulfill their duties as much as possible. It definitely sends a message to all to be careful about using internet because it might lead to assault and even death.

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