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Critical Analysis

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Critical Analysis
According to Dr. Marc Green attention blindness has been a lingering problem that has been going on even 120 years back in history. Author, Cathy Davidson, in her book Now You See It addresses the topic of attention blindness. She has many examples of ways we can fight attention blindness and change society as a whole by just modernizing with technology. Cathy Davidson does an excellent job using logos, ethos, and pathos to prove her argument on attention blindness.
Logos is the logic is used to support a claim; can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument. Throughout this whole Ms. Cathy Davidson does a great job using statistics and other ...view middle of the document...

Ms. Davidson spent some time as an English professor at Michigan State University. Ms. Davidson was responsible for designing the ISIS program (Information Science Information Studies). In 2010, President Obama nominated her to a six-year term on the National Council on the Humanities, a position confirmed by the Senate in July 2011.
Another good example of ethos is when in chapter 4 she admitted that she made a mistake according to her students. The fact that she fixed the problem shows she has good character. I think that it would be a good idea to change how we measure things in school, because in high school, especially, it seems like all the teachers care about is us doing well on tests, not about learning so we will remember the material after the test. Teachers should be more focused on learning and not so much on "grading". I think Cathy's way of changing how she measures is a good idea, but it could also go wrong. If students don't like another student, they might give them a bad group, just because they don't like them. Or they might give someone a good grade because they are friends. But overall I think it is a good idea. Cathy provides many details and examples to help prove her argument. She also gives facts. This makes her writing more convincing and believable.
Pathos names the appeal to emotion. Emotional appeals are of course more widely feasible. Aristotle's rhetoric contains a great deal of discussion of affecting the emotions, categorizing the kinds of responses of different demographic groups. Thus, we see...

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