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Crisis, What Economic Crisis? Essay

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What would the festive season be without splurging on gifts, and spoiling yourself? And it would appear that shoppers in the province are doing a lot of both this month.

The managers and spokesmen- and women for the big shopping malls in KwaZulu-Natal said they had seen a rise in their foot count this month despite the harsh economic challenges facing the country.

Tessa Apostolides, marketing manager for the Shelly Centre, near Shelly Beach on the South Coast, said there had been a noticeable increase in turnover since the beginning of December. She said shoppers were, however, “shopping differently”, and buying necessities rather than luxuries.

“While the recent trends and analyses ...view middle of the document...

We have a lot of tourists who frequent the mall. Game and Checkers have been very busy, especially on sale days. Security is on high alert to prevent any incidents,” she said.

Crisis, what economic crisis?

Navsha Naicker, the manager at Jay Jays at Durban’s Mugrave Centre, said it had seen an encouraging increase in sales. “Our most popular items are dresses, kimonos and vests for ladies, and for men it’s chinos, shorts and caps. Our gift cards are out of stock.”

Courtney Kok, the manager of Earthchild at The Pavilion, in Westville, said there had been an increase in sales compared with last year.

With the festive season in full swing, malls in the province are pulling out all the stops to attract shoppers.

The Shelly Centre is filled with all things festive, from its gift-wrapping service to a photographer who will take your child’s, or your own, picture with Santa Claus.

The Candy Cane Craft Corner for children is a must-see. In keeping with this year’s theme of candy, the activity area on the Centre Court boasts crafts like necklace making, biscuit decorating, sugar tray art and giant twister making.

Shoppers who spend more than R300 can enjoy a free coffee and muffin.

Additional security has been brought in and management is in communication with the police, who have a satellite station on site.

Chrisna Stoltz, 32, of Centurion, Pretoria, who is on holiday for a week with her 4-year-old daughter, Christi, said she loved the mall and seeing the excitement of her child in the candy corner made her happy. “There’s a great atmosphere and sense of festivity and I think the overall shopping experience is awesome.”

Until December 31, trading hours are 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays, weekends and public holidays 8.30am to 5pm.

eManzimtoti’s Galleria Mall’s decorations...

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