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Crisis Community Support Essay

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This paper will address Miami and Florida’s community mental health needs and how they are meeting the needs of individual. By exploring through empirical research and demographic this paper will examine how individuals facing homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, childhood physical and sexual abuse, and the refugee’s services that are provided. This paper will assess local and state organizations, private agencies, and religious organization on how they are providing for the needs within the community. Finally this paper will address ways that the local and state agencies can improve and steps they can make to meet the growing needs of their citizens.

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With more than 8,500 young children that have come to Kristi House due to their involvement with sex trafficking this facility has become a safe treatment refuge where these girls can work toward emotional physical healing (Guzman, 2012).
With the rise in unemployment Miami and the state of Florida are having to develop programs to assist these individuals and help to prevent them in becoming homeless. Camillus House, which is one of the 7 shelters for homeless individuals estimates that there is between 600 to 1,000 individuals that are chronically homeless in Miami (Camillus House, 2012). Miami is in need in developing more services to assist individuals in obtaining job training and educational skills to assist people from becoming homeless and help assist them from living a life of poverty.
State and local government organizations
The main state organization in Florida that is involved in the mental and physical needs of individuals is the Florida Department of Children and Families. This agency addresses the overall mental health issues that this paper is addressing. They have separate programs with their own departmental goals that address issues such as child welfare, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, mental health issues, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and refugee service (Florida Department of Children and Families, 2012).
Women’s Health Needs and Services
The Miami-Dade County Department of Health/ Florida Department of Health are an agency that also addresses the health and mental concerns within the community. It provides services such as the Healthy Start program that works with new moms in helping them to have adequate prenatal health care that will help prevent childhood diseases (Miami-Dade County Department of Health, n.d.) The WIC program that assists women who are pregnant to receive nutritional counseling and vouchers so that they can insure that their child can get the nutrition they deserve (Miami-Dade County Department of Health, n.d.). They also provide services for individuals that are HIV positive and assist them with case management; counseling and health care needs to help them live a productive like (Miami-Dade County Department of Health, n.d.).
Refugee Services
The Miami-Dade County Refugee Health Assessment Program that runs through the Florida Department of Health provides: “1) protect the health of the general population in Miami-Dade County by identifying eligible newly arriving refugees with communicable diseases, and 2) reduce and/or eliminate health-related barriers that adversely impact the effective resettlement of eligible newly arriving refuges into our community” (Miami-Dade County Department of Health, n.d.). They work hand and hand with the Refugee Services of the Florida Department of Children and Families in assure all the needs of refugees are met.
Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking/ Rape
Kristi House is the only facility in the state of Florida that addresses sex...

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