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Crisis Communication Essay

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Crisis Communication Critique Paper
Dewonda Norman
Indiana Wesleyan University
COM-325-01D: Communications in Business
Date: December 8, 2014
Terry Tolliver

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Some parts are still at about 49% below sea level. Hurricane Betsy hit New Orleans in 1965. It brought some major concerns that lead to a passing of the 1965 Flood Control Act. The new design to New Orleans was to take place over a 13 year period. It had been more than 50 years since that decision and the project was only between 60-90% complete and an estimated completion date in 2015. The persons who were responsible for fixing the levees and bringing the levels up failed to do their job in a timely manner along with the levees that the US Army Corps of Engineers built failed. The good thing is that they admitted their mistakes
An evacuation order was put in place to make sure the people of New Orleans would get out prior to the Hurricane making landfall. Max Mayfield who is the director of the National Hurricane Center notified Mayor Ray Nagin to let him know how deeply concerned he was. Max Mayfield also made a call to then President George W. Bush so that he could know how severe the storm will be. The Mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city but many residents refused to leave. It was estimated that about one million people fled New Orleans and about 100, 00 people remained in the city as well as 20,000 taking shelter at the Louisiana Superdome.
It was a large number of losses of life after the storm and many residents found themselves homeless because of the damage the storm brought to the city and suburbs of New Orleans. It was a lot of looting and some residents felt the need to defend themselves by having weapons because of how the media displayed what was going on in the news. An order was placed to have about 1500 police to focus on the widespread looting. Kathleen Blanco who is the Governor of Louisiana sent out the military to help gain control of the city and minimize damage. It became difficult for them as well as others that tried to help because of the constant...

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