Criminal Profiling: The Public Face Of Forensic Psychology

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Criminal Profiling: The Public Face of Forensic Psychology
Jason Evans
Brandman University

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The utilisation of psychological concepts has been extended in many fields in seeking to enhance understanding of human behaviours. Forensic psychology is one of the various psychological filed which have developed out of the necessity to apply psychology in different fields. This article discusses the element of forensic psychology in relation to the various issues arising within the field. A discussion of the various issues highlights ethical ...view middle of the document...

Forensic psychology involves conducting different forms of evaluations when seeking to administer justice to criminal suspects. Though the process has been defined as significantly helpful to the justice system, within the practice of this psychological concept, there are numerous issues that might arise. These issues commonly become associated with the different procedures involved in conducting different forms of evaluations. The issues commonly present different ramifications related to ethical aspects of conducting the psychological evaluations.
Literature review
Conducting forensic evaluations commonly involves the utilisation of psychological concepts in seeking to enhance the understanding of the criminal. The content of many evaluations is normally narrowed to become fully focused on gaining pertinent information regarding the psych legal elements being reviewed in the evaluation (Kalmbach & Lyons, 2006). The main reason that leads to the requirement of psychological evaluations is commonly centred on identification of aspects of human behaviours which fall outside what can be described as normal behaviour. Such behaviours commonly cause disturbances upon the involved individuals, and could have potential effect on the administration of justice. Consideration of various ethical issues surrounding the evaluations is essential in seeking to ensure fairness in the justice system.
In conducting psychological evaluations, there are various special considerations that might be involved in seeking to ensure effectiveness of the evaluation. These considerations are commonly involved as an approach for mitigating the negative effects which might results from issues related to the administration of the evaluation (Hoge, 2012). Forensic psychology makes consideration of the individual’s mental state in seeking to ensure accuracy of the assessment since the information gained might be utilised in making judgements (Neal & Grisso, 2014). Individuals with cognitive limitations are commonly not exposed to these evaluations despite their necessity within the justice systems. Psychological analysis is however conducted upon individuals suspected to have cognitive challenges in seeking to ascertain the presence of these factors. Many of these cognitive impairments affect an individual’s capability to receive and process information; hence mental capabilities must be considered before conducting psychological evaluations.
Psychologists involved in conducting these evaluations are commonly faced with the eminent problem of complaints being launched against them. As individuals involved in the justice system, erroneous assessment could result in wrong prosecution and understanding the processes is essential for these individuals (Allan, 2013). The individuals must, therefore, be able to meet the legal and ethical responsibilities that have been accorded to them by the law. The development of professional norms seeks to avert the issues that...

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