Criminal Justice Trends Paper

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Criminal Justice Trends
Joann Harris
September 17, 2012
Robert Metzger

Criminal Justice Trends
This paper is on criminal justice trends. In this paper, past, present, and future trends in law enforcement will be discussed. Also, the budgetary and managerial will also be discussed. These things are important in all areas of criminal justice. The way that the criminal justice system changes from the past to the present has had a big impact on the way the criminal justice system is. Changes that were in the past had an impact on the present as changes in the present will have an impact on the future. The changes that will be in the future will also have a big impact on the ...view middle of the document...

People did not have to worry about crime in their communities like they do today. Police officers for example, knew people by their first name and the people knew the officers that walked the communities or the neighborhoods. They knew the store owners and the store owners felt safe. The people in the community knew they were protected. People in the community and the law enforcement would talk to each other and get to know each other. There was communication between law enforcement and the community. As time and technology changed, so did the relationship between law enforcement and the people in the communities. In the mid to late 1900’s, new technologies was coming into play. Things like police cares, police radios, and so much more. As the new technology was happening, the relationship between law enforcement and the community was also changing. (Police: History policing, Twentieth Century America C, The Reform Era, n.d).
With new technologies, the way law enforcement did their jobs changed also. Most of the foot patrols were gone and more car patrols took its place. With the changes, it also changed the relationship between law enforcement and the people of the community. With the time, changed the way people felt. People began to feel less safe in their homes and even in their community. Where people use to be able to keep their homes and cars unlocked, they could not do that anymore. With the change in the relationships, law enforcement and the people took less time to get to know each other and the communication was getting less and less. The trust of the people started to go downhill and it got the point that they did not trust law enforcement or even some of the people around the community. The way that law enforcement handled their calls to the way they patrolled was so different.
In the present trends, there are a lot of new technologies that come into play with the time changing. Law enforcement patrol in cars now, they have better radios, calling 911 helps to report crime, and so much more. Technologies are better now than it was years ago. With technologies today, there are surveillance cameras on street corners, in stores, computers in the cars, plus so much more. With surveillance cameras on the street corners, it makes it a little easier for law enforcements. With surveillance cameras in stores, for example, it helps to identify the criminal a lot easier than it used to be. (Cetron & Davis, 2008). Today, law enforcement does not take the time to get to know the people in the communities or the people in the communities do not get to know law enforcement. The only way that law enforcement gets to know someone is if a person gets into trouble all the time. That is not a way to get a relationship going with law enforcement and the communities.
The technologies today do has its faults but it is better than it was and there is room for improvements. Cetron & Davies states, “The exponential...

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