Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation Essay

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Criminal Justice Trends
Erin Berger
Monday, March 5, 2012
University of Phoenix,
Troy Hokanson

Criminal Justice Trends
            The criminal justice system is set within our society as a means to protect those individuals that are innocent from those who intend to harm him or her. The purpose of a law is meant to protect a person from a person who could intentionally or potentially harm them. The two, work together to try and meet with the same results, to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. We as a society are full of people whom choose to continuously evolve. We are changing and as we change our perceptions change and as our perceptions change our society ...view middle of the document...

The Greeks and the Romans considered beheading a less dishonorable (and less painful) form of execution than other methods in use at the time. The Roman Empire used beheading for its own citizens whilst crucifying others. Beheading was widely used in Europe and Asia until the 20th century, but now is confined to Saudi Arabia, and Iran (History of the Criminal Justice System, 2009).
Early and throughout the history of mankind capital punishment has been a staple within the criminal justice system, and it always has not been accepted. More often than not it has been an issue in whatever society has chosen to put it to use. Today, it is virtually abolished in all of Western Europe and most of Latin America (History of the Criminal Justice System, 2009).
Presently the death penalty and capital punishment is still in use in the United States, but it is surrounded by much controversy. There are numerous distinctive methods that exist which are put into practice. We have advanced far beyond beheading and with the advances in technology, have moved on more modern ways of capital punishment such as, electrocution and lethal injection. These methods were originally viewed as forbidden, being as cruel and barbaric as the methods previous in place and presently are still in use today in various states. The United States, in design, has different states who are allowed to govern their selves and although capital punishment is legal, some states have chosen to do away with the practice altogether. It remains to be a contemporary issue within our criminal justice system today (Capitol Punishment: Legal Information and Resources on Capital Punishment trends, 2010).
Seeing that capital punishment has been an issue in our past and, as well as an issue in our current society, it remains to be a topic that many people have divided opinions on. Some have taken stances against the death penalty and others have fought to keep the death penalty. In the future capital punishment will continue to be an issue that exists within the criminal justice system. Putting a person to death, taking their lives, and ending their existence is such a final decision that has moral and spiritual implications that many people believe that no person or entity accurately has the right to make that decision (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009) . As the United States moves forward capital punishment will continue to be a topic within the criminal justice system that causes much debate and will continue to remain an issue.
What cannot be stated most is the significance and need for a criminal justice system to exist within society. Capital punishment may always have been and will always be a topic of issue on which sides are opposed and for, each side could not argue the need for the criminal justice system is in place. Society is built around structure, rules, and laws. Some of these laws are based on morals, some are based on ideas, and all are based on the protection of the...

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