Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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In today’s society the world relies heavily on policing within their community’ citizens around the world want to feel safe, some as they walk the streets during the day and others while they sleep in their beds at night. Once upon a time citizens felt a great deal safer than they do today. People were not afraid to leave their homes and take strolls through the neighborhood at night, whenever they felt like walking to get some fresh air, thanks to the police. The policing throughout the city and in the neighborhood s made citizens feel safe, people were not afraid to leave their homes and sit outside on their front porches. However, as time began to change the world, policing ...view middle of the document...

“Police: History-Policing Twentieth Century America^ C” the Reform Era( n.d.)
Once new technology stepped in it changed policing dramatically, police officers were removed from foot patrol and placed in patrol cars and given two-way radios and citizens were told to call police anytime they had a problem, according to Police: History-Policing Twentieth Century America^ C” the Reform Era, (n.d.) This new wave also isolated police officers from the citizens on the street and brought police officers into their homes to handle more personal problems. These changes would have a huge impact on how citizens looked at police officers who patrolled their neighborhood, police officers were no longer considered visitors but outsiders within their community. This was the beginning of a new era of policing which gave direction and is similar on how policing is today within the communities.
Present Trends In the early-1900s new technologies which to was help better the policing within the community had unintended consequences on policing that would not be fully understood until years later. The fact is new technology affected a great relationship that was built throughout the years with police officers and citizens within the community. The police no longer walked the streets in the neighborhood, instead they road by in...

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