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Criminal Justice Systems Essay

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Criminal Justice System Paper


Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice is known as a system of rules and institutions of governments focused on upholding social control, deterring or reducing crime, or dealing with subjects who violate laws with penalties and rehabilitation efforts. In order to have a system in place to counter crime and those who commit it, we must first understand what crime is. According to Eagle Systems Home Security (July 10, 2006), “A crime is an act that violates law of any person or social grouping. It is a violation of criminal law, which is the standard of bad behavior”. Subjects accused of crimes have certain protections ...view middle of the document...

Without the support and crime reducing reporting on behalf of the citizens, most Police Departments would fail to achieve the common goal of crime reduction and public safety.

Criminal Justice System
The second entity in the Criminal Justice System is the Courts. The courts are the venue where justice is administered. The courts are operated by several key people, such as judges, prosecutors, and defending attorneys. Judges are elected or appointed to their position and serve to administer the legal proceedings and give a final decision on the case at hand. The United States Court system adheres to the adversarial system. The adversarial system allows both parties (the accused and the prosecution) to argue their point before the court (a judge or jury). The case is decided in favor of the party who offered the most compelling arguments based on the law. The prosecutors, or district attorneys, are lawyers who will bring about the charges on the accused. Prosecutors are required to explain to the court what offense was committed and to submit any evidence found which could incriminate the accused offender. The defense attorney offers legal advice and counsel to the accused offender. Although the defense attorney will suggest tactics and techniques to the accused, it remains the accused right to make final decisions on whether or not to testify, or to accept offers made by the court. The defense attorney duty is to represent their client and make sure the prosecution adheres to the burden of providing guild beyond a reasonable doubt. In the court setting, the determination guilt or innocence is made by an impartial group called a jury. A jury is comprised of a panel of unbiased, randomly selected citizens.

Criminal Justice System
The third, and final component to the Criminal Justice System is...

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