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Criminal Justice Evaluation Essay

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Criminal Justice Evaluation

Criminal Justice Evaluation

Criminal law defines what conduct is considered criminal. The law defines the acts that may lead to an arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment. (Schmalleger, 2010) Criminal law protects society from harm, punishes individuals who have broken the law, maintains social order, rehabilitates offenders, and deters criminal activity (Schmalleger, 2010). The sources of criminal law include the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, statutes, ordinances, and regulations.
According to the American Heritage Dictionary 2009, a jurisdiction is a “right or power to administer justice and to apply laws”. Jurisdictions ...view middle of the document...

The standard of proof in criminal cases consists of the prosecution proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty and the defense proving reasonable doubt exist in the case. Evidence is presented by both the defense and prosecutor.
Discuss and differentiate the concepts of criminal liability and accomplice liability. Liability is defined as being responsible for one’s actions. Criminal liability is a legal obligation that occurs as a result of a wrongdoing to a person, society, or government (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). If an individual steals from a store and is apprehended by the police, he or she has violated the law and is liable for such violation. Accomplice liability is the extent of legal responsibility of an individual who aids in a crime. According to Schmalleger Hall & Dolatowski 2010, a person can be considered an accomplice if such person is aware another individual is committing a crime, encourages an individual to commit a crime, or aids in the criminal activity.
* Define inchoate offenses and compare them to elements of additional criminal offenses.
* Inchoate offenses can lead to other crimes. Inchoate offenses consist of three types: attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy. According to Russo 2009, “Certain crimes are anticipatory in nature.” An individual can be held liable for a crime even if the crime has not occurred. Inchoate crimes consist of attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy. Solicitation happens when an individual entices, encourages, or requests that an individual commit a crime. Even though the crime may not have occurred, the individual making the request is still liable for the criminal intent to commit such crime.
“Conspiracy is a crime involving an agreement and a target offense”. (Russo, 2009, p. 1)
The crime has not been committed; however, the individuals have reached an agreement to commit such a crime. Criminal conspiracy...

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