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The Death Penalty, if properly administered, definitely would be a deterrent to crime. But we have two basic camps in this country. One wants to punish the offender with complete banishment from society. These anti-death penalty mobs consider the weapon as the murderer, not the person. They march in front of prisons whenever we lose one of those perverts or murderers, who have taken the life of an innocent victim. They would rather 'kill the guns, inert tools on their own, but dangerous in the hands of the corrupt. The Second Amendment is more dangerous to these liberal thinkers than an evil man.
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Any perjury, intimidation, etc, found to be in malfeasance against the purpose of the court, would cause complete forfeiture of these payments and a minimum schedule of required payments, must be kept by the defendant relative to the charges against him (or her). Once agreed to by the court that all is above board, their attorneys may be paid from the escrow. And they may receive back whatever sum is left after all legitimate payments are made.

But then, what about those who are publicly defended? Well, some of these fines could go toward getting better public defenders, for one thing. Still, while all of this financial discussion has the tendency to wander away from the subject at hand, the subject is truly about justice. Justice must be done, for all, as the pledge says. Justice is not just injecting a murderer with chemicals designed to stop his living upon this earth. It is also for the victims, who may have spent years wondering, Who could have done this? When they finally find out, they are the ones who are made to feel most guilty about the loss society will face when the murderer of their kin and friend is put away forever. When the perpetrator leaves this world, rest assured that he (or she) will never murder another.

Most people would not want to face such a fate. Surely, as we know, most people already don't murder anyway. The deterrent then, must be ascribed as having its effect upon that criminal element who perpetrate these crimes. Many criminals also already do not wish to kill anyone. They just want to take the money and disappear. Yet still, people are murdered and that old argument that most are killed by family or fiance', raises its head. If these are the only people left on earth to deter, we may indeed fail in deterring them. Yet, we know that people who kill within their own family are especially emotionally disturbed for whatever reason, leaving little room for victims to escape.

As far as the secondary death penalty goes, (the one which states that self-defense is your right in public or private), the Second Amendment being the cornerstone of such a right, one realizes that far more than 400-500 executions take place each year. On the other hand, cops arrest many more, safely, without any shots heard, on a daily basis. Most of these are for petty crimes, but some are for grand theft or all the way up to murder. Yet, no officer in America could ever be recognized for a justifiable defense of another without...

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