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Criminal Investigation(Jeffrey Dahmer) Essay

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Jeffrey Dahmer
AJ 63-Criminal Investigations
Shane Brashear 25 OCT 13

The killing of three or more people, by the same individual, is considered serial killings.   The murders are often committed with in days, weeks, months, or years apart.     Most serial killers are afraid of being caught, and they take precautions in order to continue killing . Serial killers tend to murder strangers rather than people they know.   Their victims normally have something in common such as age, race, educational background, gender, occupation, or facial ...view middle of the document...

  There victims were found close to or near their residence.
      Jeffery Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial murderers.   Dahmer’s killed over seventeen people, though it was never proven.   Upon his arrest the authorities discovered human remains of about a dozen victims, along with dismembered body parts.   According to David S. Nichols, Dahmer hide the head and skulls of the victims in his refrigerator.   Their heads were boiled to separate the skin for its skull . When the authorities asked Jeffrey why the need to perform such an act on his victims? He said it is so I can keep the,” true essence,” of my victims.   Furthermore, a shrine made up of skulls and souvenirs of the victims were secretly hidden in Dahmer’s bedroom. Dahmer made the shrine so he could remember his victims and feel close to them.   During his confession, it was learned that Dahmer eat some of his victim’s body parts.
Dahmer murdered his first victim at age sixteen.   Not too long after his first crimes he enlisted in the military, but was soon discharged for drinking; along with,   having excessive and disruptive behaviors.   After leaving the military Dahmer’s acts of violence had gone from bad to worse, because he began to kill more frequently.
      Dahmer felt alone and had no where to turn; thereafter, he moved in with his grandmother.   Although his grandmother was unaware of his crimes, she knew there was something troubling about his personality.   Dahmer continued to murder victims and hide their corps in the basement of his grandmother’s house.  
He developed strange behaviors, especially when his grandmother confronted him about the foul smell in the basement.
      Dahmer found it difficult to kill while living with his grandmother. For the fear of getting caught, he moved out and got a one bedroom apartment. Dahmer continued to murder victims not too long after moving into his apartment.   The neighbors began to complain of the foul smell that came from his apartment. Dahmer was later arrested and charged with the sodomy and rape of a teenage boy.   He served a light sentence and was released. Dahmer found it hard to control his urge to kill.   He prowled the streets late at night and, visiting gay bars and clubs, in search of his next victim.   His victims were between the ages of fourteen through thirty three and composed of African Americans,   Hispanics, and Asians.   Because Dahmer’s victims were predominately blacks, race   became an issue.   Many people thought Dahmer was racist, however, it was never proven.
      Dahmer’s mental capacity and the cause for his psychological breakdown have been questioned.   Many people wondered why he became a serial killer. Dahmer’s parents might be responsible for his behavior.   There are incidences in his life which made me come to this conclusion.   During her pregnancy with Dahmer, his mother showed signs of mental illness and depression.   She was subscribed heavy anti-depressant drugs and...

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