Criminal Acts Essay

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According to "Martin Luther King Jr Quotes" (1963), Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
Choice theories are the choices to commend or abstain from wrong had an implement of free will based on the offender’s hard work to reduce pain and exploit pleasure. In this paper, I will look at choice theories and how they relate to crime and a little about common models in how society determines which acts are considered to be criminal, and how these are impacted by choice theories of crime.
A choice theory is the evaluation on offenses caused by a criminal due to the consequences of conscious choices. It is also known as the rational choice ...view middle of the document...

Depending on the crime, particularly drug cases, offenders think that he or she will be slapped with probation or a fine and back to the streets they go. He or she continues to deal with drugs until getting caught and that is when they realize he or she will be going to jail. Study shows that there is a reason why criminals commit crimes and they go on to explain their actions. However, there is no excuse for his or her action but there is an explanation behind it. When it comes to a criminal act a person makes his or her decisions so therefore he or she will get a certain punishment. The punishment depends of the severity of the crime. That is why he or she needs to make the right choices and decisions in life to avoid the harsh punishment the judge has to offer.
Rational choice theories are amongst the highest growing theories in societal knowledge nowadays. Various sociologists and political scientists protect the allege that rational choice theory can offer the foundation for a combined and complete theory of community actions. What distinguish rational choice theory from further forms of theory is that it denies the subsistence of any kind of accomplishment additional the solely calculative and balanced. every social action can see a sensibly force, as influential achievement, nevertheless a lot of it could show to be irrational or non-rational. I think to facilitate the rational choice theory would be for the most part helpful in the decline or manage of offense.

According to the Statics (2011), law-violating behavior must be viewed as an incident that occurs while a criminal decides to jeopardize breaking the rule while taking into...

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