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Crime Through Environmental Design Essay

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AJS/502 Professor Richard Teresi |

Crime Prevention is defined as the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and he initiation off some action to remove or reduce it. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design takes crime prevention a step further. It studies the site design and works with the development that community and public agencies are attempting to create for safer designs for future and existing developments.
The Code of Hammurabi is the earliest written laws of justice. Having been written in 2000 B.C. the Code of Hammurabi was designed to bring together both secular and religious proscriptions in an attempt to standardize punishments for wrongdoings. The Code of Hammurabi is broken down into 282 different “codes of law” and is a large mixture of capital punishment and punitive damages in return for a variety of crimes committed. [ (History, 2008) ]
There are several crime prevention methods, the one I chose to discuss in this writing is; Situational Crime Prevention. Situational Crime prevention is achieved by eliminating the opportunity people have to commit crime. In this method people are aware of the characteristics of sites and situations that are at risk to crime. People then take inventory of things that draw people to these sites and situations and what type of equipment it would take for criminals to take advantage of these opportunities.
This type of crime prevention became popular in the United States in the early 1970’s after it was introduced by Oscar Newman who also coined the phrase “defensible space”. The phrase defensible space explains that crime can be prevented and displaced through the use of residential architectural designs that reduce criminal opportunity such as well lit housing projects that maximize surveillance. [ (Siegel, 2009) ]
C. Ray Jeffery wrote Crime...

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