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Crime Stats Essay

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Unit 2

Unit 2 Paper

John Colbeck

AIU Online

Unit 2 Paper

When I think in the desolate north of Alaska I do not think of high crime like the kind we see in the cities of the lower 48 as the Alaskans call us. I envision Alaska towns and villages as small knit communities who police each other. After reviewing the FBI crime database I was surprised about the level of crime in such a small city.
The city I chose was Fairbanks Alaska, I chose this city because I spent almost two years there as a teenager and was curious of the crime statistics. The city of Fairbanks has a population of 35,131 in 2008, 35,735 in 2009 and 31,535.
Major Crime Offenses
Below is a chart for the big three offenses for last 3 reported years as reported by Fairbanks Police Department to the FBI.
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The city has authorized me a limited budget to hire 8 additional personnel and after reviewing the crime data I have come up with a plan. My first recommendation is due to the alarming rising forcible rape numbers I would prioritize resources in the creation of or augmentation of the sex crimes unit. This would include creating a public relations position whose sole job is to create pamphlets or training videos for public awareness on the subject of rape.
My second recommendation is evaluation of the Homicide unit, due to the declining murder rate and low numbers I would re-assign the homicide detectives to other units in the department to fill in manpower shortage gaps and have them respond to homicides as needed as a collateral duty.
My third recommendation is due to the high volume of basic larceny and burglary cases I would add additional personnel to these squads from the homicide reassignments or from the newly hired personnel. I also recommend augmenting the Community Oriented Policing (COPS) program and focus work on a public relations campaign advising the community on best practices for securing their valuables and vehicles. I would have officers give presentations at the schools advising children to secure their bikes etc.
After reviewing the above information if I was given a choice of where to be assigned in the Fairbanks Police Department I would choose the sex crimes unit. I feel this should be the priority of the department due to the alarming numbers and the fact that it continues to rise every year. I would focus my efforts on education of the public especially the younger crowds since a lot of rapes happen after a long night of drinking and possible “roofies” being added to drinks. I would coordinate with the Fairbanks University Police Department and work on educating the students of the university since they would be out partying in my jurisdiction. I feel as having two younger sisters and a young niece I would be very passionate about protecting the public from these violent criminals.


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