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Crime Scene Essay

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On March 13, 2030 it was a warm sunny day in Los Angeles people were out having fun enjoying the weather. Every Saturday, young men are out on the basketball courts trying to work out there stresses. It always seems to be the wrong group of players making their way to the courts to stir up trouble and if they didn’t win the game; they would always attempt to get even by starting a fight, vandalizing personal items of the winning players. There is definitely a lot of jealousy between the guys who stir up trouble vs. the guys who just want to enjoy a friendly competition of basketball. There is a long history behind this conflict between the trouble starters and those who just want to play ...view middle of the document...

He was stabbed in places that could kill anyone immediately without hesitation. The looks of it showed that he was stabbed; shot and also he could’ve possibly bled to death. The evidence that I found which was a knife and gun shows what appears to be a Robbery/Homicide? I approach the arriving officers who was Smith and Wessen; they were the first people at the crime scene. They were there so I could brief them on the situation that occurred based on witness testimonies and my crime scene technician on exactly what he had discovered while being at the scene. The time of the incident is reported approximately 1:00 A.M. on March 13, 2030. There has been no past history of prior events or reports to this address and the neighborhood appears to be a quiet community with a larger amount of elderly and retired citizens. People in this neighborhood stayed in their homes peacefully and never felt that they needed to worry about robberies or any other domestic situations. The arriving officer Smith informed me that there was a robbery in progress that turned into a Homicide.
After our arrival, we collected the following evidence from the crime scene as follows: large white wash cloth, skin tissue, Chicago Bulls fitted cap, grey and white Pepsi can, CarMax lip chap, small butcher knife, bullet shells, 9mm pistol, cigarette butts (still moist), and curly black hair follicles. The crime scene was photographed overall and each piece of listed evidence was photographed before it was collected. The scene was also diagramed to include the collected evidence.
Evidence E-1 is a large white washcloth with deep ridges found balled up in the center of the basketball court. The washcloth contained what appear to be black human hair with some sort of fain highlights. The washcloth containing the hair was placed into a large sterile plastic vial. The vial was sealed and marked with case information labeled E-1 187.
Evidence E-2 is remnants of skin tissue under the victim fingernails which could possibly be linked to the assailant. The skin tissue will be tested and dried before packaging. The packaging will be sealed and marked with case information and a bio-hazard sticker. The epithelial skin cells were scraped with a new sterile scalpel from under each fingernail of the victim. Each scraping was packaged separately. The scrapings were marked with case information and identified as to which nail. The packages were sealed and marked with bio-stickers which are brightly colored in yellow, orange and green. The victim also has scratches and cuts all around the chest and neck area. The scratches looked deep and could possibly been made by a box cutter or knife. The idea of maybe there was a fist fight before gun shots crossed my mind; I believe the killer was upset because he couldn’t win the fight. Upon checking of his neck wounds we found white fibers. These fibers were collected and placed into an envelope. The envelope was sealed and marked with case...

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