Crime Reduction And Prevention Proposal Essay

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Preventing Crime

Crime Prevention and safety is always an issue when it comes to a community. It’s something that individual learn from observing others, reading, and learning from mistakes of others are some of the reasons we post and talk about near misses and direct hits that each of use have encountered (Safety Toolbox Talks, n.d). There are several ways to plan for crime prevention, but the best way is by the community being the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Crime prevention uses many different programs and strategies to foresee, distinguish, consider and tackle misdeeds and the variables which play a role in crime (Bureau of Justice Assistance, (n.d.). There are different ...view middle of the document...

In order to make the neighborhood watch program effective, each city will be required to have a neighborhood watch group. The group will need to consist of voluntary persons and have a minimum of two-training meetings each week. At least half of the residence will need to participate in order to qualify for a Neighborhood watch sign. If not enough participation is acquired then, the members of the group will be issued stickers instead. There will be a yearly recertification meeting to make sure that groups are staying active in the crime prevention program. Persons will have to take turns monitoring and reporting to local law enforcement. Local law enforcement will then measure the outcome of reports made and use tips to investigate further and possible crimes.

Achieving Justice

Community-based policing is the best way to keep the community together and assist with crime prevention. It is also a great way for law enforcement and the community to work together and deter crime before it can occur. It is also a great way to bring awareness to other areas of the city to see what they can do better to protect families and help law enforcement improve. The city of Detroit has a history of mistrust between police officials and citizens. Two significant events that cultivated this mistrust were the Detroit Riot of 1967 and the police brutality death of Malice Green on November 5, 1992. The lack of positive communication between authority and citizens, the bankruptcy of the city, and the corruption of local government deteriorated the criminal justice system of Detroit and detracted from the concept of fairness in the eyes of the law. Those who are on the front lines of justice must be equipped to carry out the duties afforded to them. According to Grudnicki (2013), “The average response time of the Detroit Police Department is 58 minutes. The report tracks average response times for every precinct, all of which are far above the national average of eleven minutes. High-response times, however, are not surprising for a department that’s lost 40 percent of its manpower over the past decade, operated for over a year on a “virtual precincts” model that closed precinct offices from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m., uses an outdated emergency-dispatch system that is prone to crashing, and outfits hundreds of its officers with expired bulletproof vests (Grudnicki, L. (2013)”.

A mileage and an increase in taxes are not feasible in the city. Recent news demonstrated that an overwhelming number of citizens were unable to pay their water bill which led to a mass shutoff. A possible solution to the long response times and poor equipment is a collaboration with neighboring city and county police forces. More officers on patrol would not only shorten response times but increase the presence and visibility of police in the community. Police administration should consult with other administrative officials who have found success in urban areas and...

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