Crime Measurement Essay

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Crime Measurement
Kaliyan Hernandez
July 14, 2014

Crime Measurement
Ever wonder, how does researchers come up with certain statistics for the U.S when it comes to crime? Or, how would one know where criminal activity would be in their community based on facts? Examining crime measurement primarily in the United States can be determined and based on multiple factors. These factors are soon to be discussed which will include instruments that are used to measure crime, major crime reporting programs and their purposes, crime rates, arrest rates, clearance rates, and recidivism rates. This paper also will address the criminal justice interactive video, how crime rates can be deceiving, ...view middle of the document...

According to U.S. Department of Justice  (2009), “The FBI annually publishes its findings in a preliminary release in the spring of the following calendar year, followed by a detailed annual report, Crime in the United States, issued in the fall. In addition to crime counts and trends, this report includes data on crimes cleared, persons arrested (age, sex, and race), law enforcement personnel, and the characteristics of homicides (including age, sex, and race of victims and offenders; victim-offender relationships; weapons used; and circumstances surrounding the homicides).”
According to U.S. Department of Justice  (2009), “The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) NCVS, which began in 1973, provides a detailed picture of crime incidents, victims, and trends. After a substantial period of research, the BJS completed an intensive methodological redesign of the survey in 1993. The BJS conducted the redesign to improve the questions used to uncover crime, update the survey methods, and broaden the scope of crimes measured. The redesigned survey collects detailed information on the frequency and nature of the crimes of rape, sexual assault, personal robbery, aggravated and simple assault, household burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. It does not measure homicide or commercial crimes (such as burglaries of stores).”
The information collected for the NCVS that go unreported by people estimates the proportions of each specific crime on why it has gone unreported and gets the information about the victims and offenders (age, sex, race, weight, ethnicity, marital status, income , and education, and relationship.) and the crime so it can be measured and added...

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