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Crime Data Comparison Essay

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Crime Data Comparison
Lisa Anderson
CJA 314
March 01, 2011
Kurt Fertig

Crime Data Comparison
Comparing similar crimes, in metropolitan area such as Phoenix and Dallas. The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data shows in 2009 Phoenix had 76 reported murders, and Dallas with 86. Dallas with a lower population number of 1,290,266 had higher murder rate, Phoenix with population of 1,597,397 reported in 2009. Reported murder rates dropped in both areas in 2010, Dallas with 73, and Phoenix with a reported 50. “National reports a decrease of 6.2 percent of violent crimes during the first 6 months of 2010” (Preliminary Semiannual UCR, 2010.)
According to Phoenix Police Department (2010), ...view middle of the document...

Community partnerships have engaged in iWatch and public surveillance cameras in the community. Committed workforce approximately 600,000 calls for service and response time for emergency calls down 10%. The Dallas police have also increased sworn staffing to 3,690 officers as of October 1, 2010 (Dallas Police, 2010.)
The Mayor and council have come up with community mandatory programs, such as Convenience Store Ordinance, Crime Reduction Programs Ordinance. These programs train employees of convenience stores and apartment complex’s, safety procedures and ordinance to reduce crime. Police monitoring of training and report processing can ensure that with proper reporting of crimes and incidents the stores and apartment complexes obtain. Properties keep a monthly report of any crime or incident and hold monthly meetings with law enforcement. Develop a crime reduction plan, and if numbers escalate in incidents the owners will be notified and changes will be mandatory. If it means evicting tenants or not allowing certain person in or around the store.
Phoenix possessing a higher population and lower crime rate...

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