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Crime Causation And Diversion Essay

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Crime Causation and Diversion
February 20, 2012

Crime Causation and Diversion
In the State of Florida there are three diversion programs, which are presently active today. They consist of Teen Court, Juvenile arbitration groups, and Neighborhood Accountability committees. These diversion committees are available to those children who have disobeyed the laws so that they will have a speedy and straightforward bearing that stresses the seriousness of a valuable citizenship, individual honesty, and family connection. The preceding are various contributors of the juvenile delinquency. The primary goal of these programs are to redirect people of young ages that have violated the law ...view middle of the document...

It generally takes anywhere from a month to a year to complete this program (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
Another diversion program in Florida, which was created for offenders without the imputations of a valid court record, would be Teen Court. This is determined by the staffing of the Juvenile diversion program. The age of teens for first time offenders are 13 to 18 years of age when they could be assigned to teen court. This program is run by students in middle and high schools which are trained as members of the court. An attorney will give advice and mentor what goes on in teen court while serving as Judge (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
Typically, teen court attempts to offer juveniles arrested for their first time another means of settling in juvenile court. So that a juvenile schedule is not interrupted during the day, teen court is held in the later part of the day from 5:30 to 8:30p.m., inside the courtroom of the courthouse. Very similar to that of a Juvenile Arbitration program a contract is signed also in Teen court. If the teen has completed all sanctions he or she avoids formal proceedings. Failing to do so sends him or her back to the State’s Attorney’s Office (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
The goals that are accomplished by the teen court program to help reduce the crimes committed by the youth are: Exercising the positive side of peer pressure, no permanent scarring of y his or her name, and if needed referrals are provided by case managers.
An Accountability Board is created by the members of the neighborhood so that the victim of the victim can meet the offender and offer one another some type of remorse for the actions that took place. This board offers the victim the opportunity to engage with those young offenders in a safe and rewarding manner (Sixth Judicial Circuit, 2012).
When seeing which program works better of the two when it comes to reducing juveniles crimes both programs are great, they both are relatively close when it comes to comparison on which one is better. They both are directed at helping first time offenders and give them a chance to change themselves...

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