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Sophocles’ tragic play Antigone tells of the conflict between Antigone and King Creon. The conflict among Creon and Antigone leads to fall of the house of Creon. Creon is the major cause of this destruction which he brought upon himself. King Creon has been corrupted and fallen to the idea of power. A review of his actions proves that his ruling is based largely on family turmoil which is how the basis of this ruling and his subsequent actions in the play.
Creon is the proclaimed king in the beginning of the play. The first order as King is by prohibiting the burial of Polynices, based on the Polynices being seen as a traitor for fighting against his country and not for his country. ...view middle of the document...

Creon becomes even for furious when the leader of the chorus suggests the gods are the ones who buried Polynices. Creon does not possibly think the gods are to blame and have no reason as to why the gods would do this to a person whom destroyed the city and destroyed the temples in honor of them. Antigone knows Creon’s actions are based on the conflict over his rise to King and seeks her sister stating "It is against you and me he has made this order. Yes, against me". Antigone considers this a mockery of the rule of law and claim’s to bury her dead relatives is a civic and moral right. Antigone says she was obeying the law of the gods when it is discovered that she was the one to defy the order of King Creon by burying her brother. She says, “Nor did I think your edict had such force that you, a mere mortal, could override the gods.” This statement is dismissed by Creon because he feels that his order was in accordance with the gods and he could never be wrong. Creon insists that the law respects no one and the consequence of discobeying him have been states clearly when the order was first declared.
The fall of Creon is one step closer when he accuses Ismene in contributing to help of burying her brother. Again, Creon make accusations without any evidence to back the accusation Furthermore, Creon shows further collapse of his justice when he accuses Ismene of an equal part in the act of burying her brother. Creon does this without any evidence against Ismene. By being Antigone’s sister is only reason she is considered to be breaking the law. The accusation of being guilty by association shows the downfall of his justice system and therefore accusing anyone of defying his laws.
During a conversation with his son Haemon does Creon display his falseness. Creon praises Haemon for Haemon ‘s vow to obey his father. Creon dismisses Haemon when the suggestion is made by Haemon that his father could be wrong. Haemon says to his father, “Oh give way. Relax your anger – change!” but Creon replies by saying “So, men our age, we’re to be lectured are we? – Schooled by a boy his age?”
The arrogance is seen more when Creon says phrases like “And is Thebes about to tell me how to rule?” and, “Am I to rule this land for others- or...

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