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Creative Writing Story Essay

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Eric Trujillo P1 Ms. Jack His name is John. He was adopted into a family of three: a brother, father and mother. His father was an alcoholic and every time he father came home drunk it upset John causing him to argue with his father. One night when his father arrived home intoxicated, John got irritated and became unstable. Most of the time he felt very fearful about confronting his father because he knew that if he did it would start a fight between the whole family. But this time was different he was so frustrated and decided he would be better off alone. He packed his clothes cautiously and took a couple of snacks. As ...view middle of the document...

After hours of thinking he decided he would never return home. He knew he had it made at the homeless shelter. After eating his meal he went outside to lay down with no doubt in his mind about going home. This continuous method of living went on for about three years. Within time he was repulsive looking. When others looked at him they gave a pitiful look almost as though they despised him. He was now beginning to want to go home. He had been walking by his street for the past three months. He knew his family had moved on and started to feel neglected. He decided to go to the Adoption Center to locate his biological mother. He was informed that she had been staying at a nursing home. Upon arriving at the nursing home he was informed his mother had past away two years earlier. He was instructed to go visit a relative and was given an address. When he arrived he discovered his aunt lived at the location. Upon introducing himself his aunt immediately knew who he was. They talked about John's mother and he learned that she gave birth to him when she was only 14 years of age. He also learned that his mother was forced to give him up for adoption because she could not support him. He was informed that she had tried to locate him for many years and was unsuccessful. This made John feel better about his life. He learned his mother had left him funds at the bank. He used the money open a soup kitchen and provide food for the homeless. He knew that he needed to open a soup kitchen to feed the people who were in his condition before he inherited his assets. He appreciated the services that were provided to him when he was in need and wanted to assist other homeless people.

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