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Creative Writing Assignment

1391 words - 6 pages

“Jade! Jade! Wake up Jade! Jade!!!”
There is no one on this planet that I love more than my little brother, but at times like this I wish that he was anywhere else.
“Niño what did I tell you about waking me up like that. What do you need?”
“Jade! Yo tengo hambre!”
“Okay Niño give me 5 minutes, I’ll come downstairs to make you breakfast.”
“Thank you Jade, I love you!”
“I love you too. Now go brush your teeth and meet me downstairs okay?”
As Michael made his way down the stairs I walked in to my bathroom to jump in the shower to wake myself up and start the day. Like always, when I got in the shower my mind began to over analyze everything. At 17 I never thought I would ...view middle of the document...

I finally regained the strength to get up and I went in to the kitchen to clean up the shattered glass. While picking up one of the piece I found a small sliver of paper that had an address on it. I couldn’t guarantee anything but this was the only clue I had to finding my brother so I had to go this address. As I gradually climbed the stairs to go and dress myself I pulled out my phone and call 911.
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“My name is Jade Rivera and my little brother has gone missing. I have an address that I have found in the kitchen where he was taken from. I’m going to go get him.”
I read the address to the operator and hung up. I couldn’t wait for the police to find him, I promised I would never let anything happen to him and I wasn’t about to break that promise.
I got inside of my car and made my way to the address written on the paper. It was about 20 miles outside of town and 45 minutes away from my house. I wasn’t familiar with this area, and I was at a disadvantage if thing were to go to a worst case scenario I had no way to escape. I had a feeling that’s what was going to happen. As I approached a large barn style building, I slowed to try and familiarize my surroundings. When I entered the barn I looked to the left and to the left and was sadly greeted by no one. The place was empty, or at least that’s what I thought until I was knocked unconscious.
When I woke I was sitting in a chair with my feet tied to the bottom, my hands were free. I was uncertain as to why my hands were free, as I bent over to try to release myself from the restraints that held my feet in place I heard the familiar voices of people that I thought I knew.
“Don’t even try Jade… That won’t end well for you or Michael. You only use your hands for what we tell you to.” The familiar voice exclaimed from a place I was uncertain of.
“Why are you doing this to us? What do you want from me?” I replied as the anger boiled inside of me.
“This was the only way we could get you. There was no other way. We tried for so long and we only came up short. So we killed your ‘parents’ but even after their death you wouldn’t talk to anyone and there was no way to tell you this. So we had to get you alone and the only way was through your little brother-”
“Where is he? Did you hurt him? I swear I will –“
“Calm down he is okay. We knew you would follow us to try to find...

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