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Creative Thinking Essay

1889 words - 8 pages

Individual Solve a Problem Paper
Creative Thinking Process

Anthony Thomas

University of Phoenix
Professor Jane Crawford-Muratore
February 20, 2012

Stages in the Creative Process
Being creative means more than having traits. It means behaving creatively, addressing the challenges we encounter with imagination and originality. You must be able to demonstrate skill in applying the creative process to solving issues. The first characteristic of creative thinkers is that they are dynamic in the sense were they toy with ideas and look at them in different perspectives (Ruggiero, 2009, pg. 100). Another characteristic is that they are daring because they think outside the box ...view middle of the document...

106). Last, the fourth stage of the creative process is the producing of ideas, which deals with producing ideas that helps the creative thinker by deciding the correct action or belief to resolve the problem or issue (Ruggiero, 2009, pg. 106).
In this paper, I will use the creative process to solve a space constraint problem within the area of my department that I manage at work. The creative process will help me identify improvement opportunities due to the lack of space and ultimately improving the process with some ideas that are developed during the creative thinking process.
In the first stage, I have identified a space constraint issue at work. Due to the lack of space in the department, we have been sighted for GMP violations according the CFR. I walk thru the department daily and look for opportunities of improvement on existing conditions.
In the second stage, the expression of the issue has been challenging. I am fighting the tendency of seeing the issue from one perspective by encouraging my 10 people workforce to see the space constraints from different points of view. During shift change each day, I seek solutions from the entire team on how to work around our space constraint issues while remaining GMP compliant.
During the third stage, I have asked my employee’s to draw upon previous job experiences to assist with our space constraints. Many of my employees have experience working in other GMP environments which make investigating the space issue easier due to their ability to remember circumstances from previous jobs. We have also taken tours of other facilities and departments to see how the ability to 5’s areas has created space by reducing clutter.
The fourth stage, employees are constantly being asked how they feel about a resolution to an issue. It is not enough for me as the area owner to walk thru and point out areas of opportunity. The work force is being challenged on how to produce ideas to solve our issues due to space constraints. The easy solution and most popular is to knock down a wall or move our clutter somewhere else. We have been discouraging this type of thinking because it is not possible and really reduces creative thinking. I am encouraging creative thinking that involves exploring every opportunity to create space or to use underutilized areas of the department.
Personal Challenges
The search for personal challenges to improve the space constraints has been a constant daily reminder. People fail to think of new ideas because they are mentally reactive rather than active (Ruggiero, 2009, pg. 112). My work force has been asked to think outside of the box and look for challenges on how to address the space constraint issue. As they go through the day to day activities, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the process by seeing the imperfections in things, noting the dissatisfaction of their own and others. Here are a few that we focus on daily during our beginning of shift...

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