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Creative Strategy Essay

2043 words - 9 pages

ADV 2012 Creative Strategy |
Martha mwaniki Xian Luo Yanhao Li Tan Wang Mohammed Babiker |
4/18/2012 |

Table of Contents

Team Agreement 3
Objective 4
Marketing strategy 4
Transit Officer SWOT Analysis 5
Primary audience 6
Target Audience Profile 6
Digital Campaign 14
Television Campaign 15

Team Agreement

Research & Target audience profile & Poster : Xian Luo

Report & Creative Strategy : Martha mwaniki

Marketing Objective & Strategy & Poster : Yanhao Li

Digital Campaign ...view middle of the document...


* This advertising campaign is aiming to recruit more transit officers for protecting the save of passengers.

* Promoting the Transperth’s image and awareness to the target audience.

Marketing strategy

* Build up the profile of target audience for understanding what kind of people will be recruited.

* Highlighting the welfare of being a transit officer.

* Making the right decision of advertising medium, the right advertising medium needs to be effectives and impressive.

SWOT analysis can help advertiser understanding their own product better before they make the advertising and promotion strategy. As being a recruitment advertising campaign, advertisers need to know that what is the strengths and opportunities for their job that can be attractive to their target audience. Furthermore, understanding the weakness and threats can be better to promote their job.
Transit Officer SWOT Analysis

Strength * Transperth is monopoly in Perth * High salary * Free Training * Health and Wellness program * Uniform with issued protection equipment * Free traveling | Weakness * Working time * Strict with body stature |
Opportunity * Work in different locations * Welfare provided by transperth * New work experience | Threat * RIOTS * Employers strike due to dangerous environmentEmployer strike due to dangerous enviro Bad perception from passengers |

Primary audience

This campaign is meant to reach men and women aged between 18+ and 40, currently living in Australia and must be satisfied with Australian citizenship or permanent residency requirements. They enjoy doing exercise often, working with team, communicating with people, not afraid of challenge, handle pressure, resolves problems and tricky situations.
Target Audience Profile

I’m Jeff, a 3rd year student.
Basically, I use the buses and trains every day. Being a Transit officer is cool, and looking at the men in uniform is very nice. I was once helped by transit officers in a late night. Now it’s my turn to protect others. It’s also an opportunity to experience a new career and meet new people.

Hi I’m Mrs Fisher, a 3 kids’ mother. Every mom is a sort of hero in the kid’s world, although sometimes I’m hemmed in by lost after they attend to school. I’d like to play as other children’s hero when they’re traveling with Transperth. You know, as a mother, it’s easy for me to understand people’s needs and comfort them.

My name is Daniel.
I’ve been a personal trainer for six years. As you can see, I am well physically built and fit to respond to critical incidents, apprehend suspects, and potentially control rowdy offenders. I would like to be your hero.

A creative strategy defines the important strategy choices required to develop a marketing message and we need to look at Transperth’s objectives, mission, values and positioning statement to come up with a marketing...

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