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Creative Short Story: Gothic Genre Essay

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It was Christmas and I was driving along the highway to visit my parents at Aspen. There was not a car in sight and it was slightly snowing. Within an hour or so the snow turned into a blizzard and the ice poured down like plague of descending locusts. The snow was becoming too thick to drive through let alone see. All of a sudden my car stopped. I forgot to add anti-freeze to my engine fuel! I panicked. I got out of my car and started running aimlessly hoping to outrun the blizzard. Within a few minutes I was exhausted and was freezing from the cold. I hopelessly collapsed on the ground.When I woke up I found myself in a bed inside a giant dark room. The whole room seemed to be made of stone and was lit by candlelights and looking straight at me was a giant Negro man in a tuxedo. He calmed me down and told me that he ...view middle of the document...

"It probably fell off the you want some tea?" asked the Negro as he replaced the doll back on its stand. I tried to insist on leaving but there was something about the giant black man that made you unable to refuse. It was a sense of overpowering and fear.Suddenly I heard a crash and I turned around to see what had happened. A vase had fell and crashed onto the ground. Where the vase was supposed to be standing was one of the life like dolls again. Then more vases started tipping and more dolls appeared behind them. The glass shelf where the dolls should be placed was empty. Strange echo noises reverberated in the giant room and then I noticed as though out of nowhere, words appeared on the ceiling.L E A V E"The dolls are angry that you are my best friend" explained the Negro in an almost chilling calm voice."Here come with me downstairs where the dolls won't see us"I was in confusion and again I panicked and ran towards the door and frantically looked for an exit downstairs. I found the main entrance to the house and desperately tried to open the doors. As I was doing so, the Negro walks calmly down the stairs and approached me. Without a word he slowly came up and wrapped his arms around me in a constricting bind. I couldn't breathe. I felt myself slowly losing consciousness as the Negro hugged the life out of me. He hissed in my ear;"You haven't been very friendly Miss...I want you to be my best friend...forever..."When I woke up I was immobilized. I was standing, yet I found myself unable to move. I was still in the Negro's room except the strange thing was everything seemed way larger. I looked towards the left out of the corner of my eyes and to my horror... I saw dolls aligned neatly in a row with myself. This time they appeared life-sized...

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