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Growing up, I was raised in church with my father being a pastor of a church in the community. I was taught the bible and the book of Genesis. The different beliefs that were instilled in me were to believe that God created man and woman. In evolutionary or ecology classes, we are introduced to the theory of where man came from amoeba-like organisms, or even that we evolved from apes. How did life of origin arise? The components of evolution might explain how, but Creation gives a reason to believe why. Origin of life’s existence, as well as age of the earth is a question that is looked under a microscope and probed through both biblical theories, as well as scientific. Looking at difference ...view middle of the document...

Many Christian geologists, who even obtain PH.D.s, would immediately argue that the flood and the book of Noah’s Ark, is the truth. A credible source, Dr. Ray Bohlin, states that Henry Morris, Duane Gish, and Steve Austin are all creationists who are from the Institute for Creation Research in which they “interpret the days of Genesis 1 as literal 4-hours days, the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 as consecutive or nearly consecutive generations, and the flood as a universal, catastrophic event” (Bohlin, 1993). Within the article, Dr. Bohlin describes the Grand Canyon as being “almost three hundred miles long, a mile deep, and four to twelve miles across” (Bohlin, 1993). The Institute for Creation Research stands firmly on the belief that the various layers of the Grand Canyon were formed during Noah’s flood, as described in the Bible.
There is different pieces of evidence that can be found around the Grand Canyon, in support of Creation, such as the appearance of fossils such as trilobites, water canopy-theories, as well as different roles that the continental drift played a part in (Bohlin, 1993). Dr. Bohlin participated in a hike around the Grand Canyon where he kept a journal. Dr. Bohlin’s journal
consisted of these exact words “If these strata are the result of Noah's flood and the canyon carved soon afterward, the canyon stands as a might testament to God's power, judgment, and grace.” He also gives us reason to believe in Creation. The article mentioned that the “Coconino Sandstone” is a formation of the Grand Canyon in which consisted of evidence that had a “water-deposited origin” and that the Tapeats Sandstone was an important component for the flood theory of the Grand Canyon. Creationists firmly believe that the Grand Canyon formed because of Noah’s flood.
To rebuttal, the theory of evolution can be described through Darwinism and the component of natural selection. There are many arguments and debates about Darwinism and it is used as a widespread theory for most evolutionary scientists today. Charles Darwin was first inspired, and wet his feet, when he was inspired by instructor Robert Grant, where Grant recommended Darwin to embark upon the Plinian Society. The Plinian Society was a society for student naturalists at the university. He was inspired by many to drive to this theory of natural election. Different people who inspired Darwin were an anatomy professor from the University of Edinburg Robert Grant, geologist Adam Sedgwick, as well as naturalist John Henslow from around Cambridge University, as well as captain of the H.M.S. Beagle Robert Fitzroy. Henslow was able to persuade Darwin in going on his approximately five year long voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle. He furthered his knowledge by reading different books on the beagle. This is a very important key component because the different research he was able to comprehend in five years lead to his beliefs of evolution, but there were still questions Darwin obtain. Darwin...

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