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Creation Vs Evolution Essay

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“How the Bible and evolution clashes, why is the knowledge of the Doctrine of Creation is important to understand?”

THEO 525 LUO (fall 2013)
Systematic Theology I

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

October 11, 2013

Creation and Evolution clashes, when there are changes being made to the age of the earth and the creation of man. The structure is described in the Bible as God created it; however, it describes the earth before the six days of creation. When thinking about the integration of evolutionary principles, as far as the scientific laws are concerned, there is no difference between the origin of the earth and all of its life. Could the ...view middle of the document...

” By using present-day science, creationist can prove that the earth and man was created and not evolved.
By using the term evolution, we will use the definition “believe that all things have made themselves by means of their own natural properties, with no supernatural input. Chaos has become cosmos, all by itself; particles have given rise to planets, palm trees, pelicans and people, with no help from the outside of the properties and the matter of energy.” As teaching evolution to my students, my question has been to them, if we came from a single cell amoeba with no intervention, how can some cells grow and change into thousands and millions of cells while others remain single cell amoebas? It is a question that we always look at and attempt to solve. Evolutionists believe that cells are constantly changing, but if they are, why do we still have single cell amoebas? Since evolutionists try to involve a God in the process, most evolutionists strongly reject any intelligent direction. “Even many academic theistic evolutionist scientists, who claim to believe them, both evolution and God insist that the process was entirely natural, this evolutionary creation process supposedly took place over billions of years in which countless creatures struggled, suffered and died, with forceful ruthlessness wiping out the weak at many points.”
God, the true Designer, is the foundation of all the religions of the world, not just Christianity. If you are an atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist you don’t believe what others may believe, therefore, you don’t believe that others should force their beliefs on you. You can do whatever you want to do without concern for the outcome. If you’re Christian or one of the other world religions who believes that God created the earth, there are consequences for the way you may or may not live.
When God created the earth, there was no sin; therefore there was no shedding of blood, no death, and no pain. It is only when sin entered the world through rebellion, that death, pain, and suffering entered the world.
“English botanist Nehemiah Grew, during the earliest history of palynology, took particles that were collected from the air, water and deposits of any age that included pollen and spores which is seemingly evident to the rapid formation of coal spores in Australia, where today they are found in homegrown swamps.” Also, “many southern hemisphere coal deposits showed no sign of anything which could represent the fossil oil that was allegedly grown.” “Researchers at Argonne national laboratory in the United States have shown high grade black coal results from the following procedure. They took lignin, mixed it with some acid- activated clay and water, and heated it to 150°C in an air-free quartz tube. Geologically this is not very hot at all; there is nothing exceptional or unnatural about any ingredient. This process does not take millions of years either, just 4 – 36 weeks.” From an evolutionists point they...

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