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Creation, Life After Death. And The Meaning Of Life

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Searching for the truth can be difficult in many situations. If you are a parent, the truth can be difficult to discern. If you have three children and something gets broken you may hear three different versions of what happened. Growing up, I had a brother that was seventeen months younger and a sister that is five years younger than I am.
All three of us grew up in the same household, but we all have different personalities. We think and act differently, yet we grew up in a Christian home, and attended the same United Methodist church that I am a member of today. If you ask any of us siblings who we believe in it will be God. My sister and I have both repented of our sins and ...view middle of the document...

Pantheism or Buddhism believes that there is one infinite impersonal god. It is sometimes referred to as monism and it is the belief that god is the universe. Pantheists or Buddhists believe that the world has always been here. It is a cycle of suffering with no beginning or an end. How can life begin without a beginning?
Atheism, contrary to what atheists believe, is a religion. They just do not believe in a god or a creator. They believe that the universe came from something. The something is just matter that makes up the cosmos. For centuries, people have been talking about the big bang theory. It was a theory that most thought was caused by matter in the universe colliding. Edwin Hubble is credited with the big bang theory. It is presumed that the explosion of a singularity formed the universe. This began space and time. It does not make sense to say that there was anything before the singularity, which caused space and time. Science believes that there is just matter and the universe is forever expanding.
One can research and find that many of the scientific theories have been disproved over the years. Scientists keep creating new theories to explain away the old ones. Atheists blindly believe in a beginning that they cannot prove; yet they say the thought of a creator is out of the question. They believe that the complex order of our universe came to be through chaos. They have never been able to explain the lack of monopoles, flatness problem, lack of antimatter, or the missing population III stars.
What happens to a person when they die? Christianity teaches that we are transformed. At the point of death, we are immediately transformed, are judged by God, and enter a life in heaven glorifying God, or a life in hell living in torment. God offers salvation through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. Humans can choose the gift of salvation and repent of their sins, or they can go on living a sinful life and suffer eternal torment.
Pantheists believe that the world of full of suffering. The soul is immortal, but the body is mortal. Once a person dies, they come back in a new form. The goal is to get the suffering to stop. They believe the suffering will cease when one learns to stop craving. Once the craving stops they have to follow the noble eightfold path. The individual has to portray the right views, aspirations, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and contemplation. They believe that nothing is permanent and that the individual doe not truly exist. Karma guides the reincarnation process and cycle of endless suffering. The goal is to break the cycle and enter into a state of nonexistence (nirvana).
Atheists do not believe in God, heaven, or hell. In atheism, once a person dies they are dead. They cease to exist in the world. Humans are...

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