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Creation/Evolution On Orgin Of Life Essay

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Interview Paper
The creationism-evolution debate has been on since men exist. It has a long history. In response to conclusions developed by evolution scientists, creationism scientists usually refute the legitimacy of their ideas that are opposite to the text of the Bible. There are many aspects that people would argue about. In this course, we focus on the origin of life.
The purpose of this course is to provide a firm foundation for a consistent biblical worldview. After this course, we are supposed to give a correct and persuasive answer to anyone who asks why to believe that God created the universe. You cannot deny how much people are influenced by the evolutionary teaching in ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the Bible, “days” are used in the same way as the normal 24-hour day now. And in this way, everything can be better explained.
The second question is how old the earth is and why. This question is one of the major arguments when people talk about the origin of life. Christians believe the earth is 6,000 years old while evolutionists believe it to be millions of years. I would also vote for 6,000 years as it is the recorded time record of Scripture through the genealogical records. Biblical data fully supports the young earth model. How could a millions-year-old earth be placed during six days of Genesis? Not only is that a factor for supporting the young earth model, but the fossil records are as well. The RATE (Radioisotope and the Age of The Earth) experimentation has now further compromised the old earth. Many of the records were created during the flood or shortly after. The more science is involved, the more it is becoming clear that there is more evidence supporting not only the young earth model but the Bible. Being a Christian and having a Biblical worldview, I believe that the whole Bible is true both of parts like the flood and certain other historical facts.
The third question is whether man and apes share a common ancestor and why or why not. This is a big question that people debate the most. Clearly, Christians believe God made each to reproduce its own kind not to "evolve" into a different species. So our ancestor was not the ape but Adam and Eve. But my evolution friend said “we share the same ancestor and there is archaeological evidence showing old creatures that were nearly a fusion of the two of us.” The main evidence used to discuss this problem is fossils. The fossil record is one of the most significant areas in the creation/evolution controversy. They are the evidence that organisms lived in the past. In this course, I have learned several classes about the alleged progression of human evolution and how creationists consider those fossils. Evolution scientists usually consider a chimpanzee skull to be human’s....

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