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Creating You Dream Jobs Essay

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Creating Your Dream Job

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Ideally, my dream job is being an airline manager of one of the most highly rated airlines in the world such as the Delta Airlines. An airline manager is basically responsible for carrying out discussions with the Airline personnel who often oversees design certification, test and turn up, installation, maintenance of airline equipments, as well as other activities involved in the company’s maintenance department. The manager assts in the development along with the implementation of procedures and practices, whilst making sure ...view middle of the document...

In review, Delta Air Lines is a leading American airline operating extensive countrywide and international network across all continents with an exception of Antarctica. The company’s headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Generally, Delta Air Lines together with its subsidiaries control more than 5,000 flights daily with an approximate of about 80, 000 employees. Based upon fleet size, the company was ranked as the largest airline in 2011, after which it had the busiest passenger traffic in the year 2012.

A compensation plan is a strategy employed by an organization to reward its employees for hard work (Drucker, 2010). As employees sell more products, or engage in productive activities within the company, sales increase calling for a lucrative compensation plan. Delta company being one of the largest Airlines in the world, it has an exceptional compensation plan. In fact, it has been able to high employee retention due to magnificent employee motivation within its operating framework. In essence, the comprehensive compensation plan developed by Delta Airlines is aimed at ensuring that employees have a share of the company’s future success.

Compensation plan specifics

Despite the fact that the compensation plan for Delta’s flight dispatchers Managers is covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, all employees actively participate in essential measures that brought about the company’s survival, resurgence, and emergence as a vibrant and healthy competitor in the market. In this regard, the employees adequately share in the long run success of the company and for that reason; they are accorded hefty compensation for their marvelous sacrifices that has made Delta emerge as the number one brand in the U.S.

Delta managers receive Delta Stock alongside Cash Payouts as the company’s wide prominence in improving pay for exceptional performance. In this case, 3’5% of the entire company stock, which is an estimated value of $350 million are distributed to the aforementioned employees as compensation. Moreover, successful managers are offered lump sum cash payments having an aggregate value of about $ 130 million. Therefore, the compensation value of the two components is set at approximately $480 million.

Delta’s Profit Sharing Plan entails 15% of the total company annual pre-tax profit to be allocated to its managers. In essence, this is actually a “First-Dollar Plan” in which Delta Airlines gives compensation at the 1st dollar of earnings as an alternative to offering compensation when a specific threshold has been met.

In its Shared Reward Program, the company always provides monthly incentive payment for attaining various operational goals like high completion rate, on-time performance, and baggage performance. Besides, its Base Pay Increases entails increasing the payment of its employees by 4% on the basis of top of scale.

Of great importance is the company’s Retirement Benefit Plan. Basically, the...

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