Creating And Managing Teams Essay

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Creating and Managing Effective Teams

Axia College of University of Phoenix

MGT 245 Organizational Behavior

June 8, 2008

Organizations today have to be more productive and in order for that management has been dedicated in achieving this goal. Different strategies can be used, however for us, it was decided that selecting different employees with different qualifications would to form a team, would be the best route. We want to engage our employees in the everyday decision making and change to drive performance. Our team had to be formed by five staff members, and their responsibilities would be determined by the role in that team.
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The P+M will be Janice who was a former executive for Mercedes–Benz, she is good as a networker and her coworkers say that she brings excitement and momentum she is creative and single minded. And last but not least, Petra, who is a new training and development manager however has been an educator at a automotive technical school, She is a good verbal communicator , and can give complex information in a understandable manner, because of these qualifications and skills she will be our L+P.
After the decision was made of the roles and members of the team, the factors to make this team effective were based on the management. This is a very difficult task because we have t consider the personalities Knowledge of their background, personalities. If we were not aware of their personalities they could trigger poor communication and misunderstanding, which can affect the team very negatively. Bringing different personalities, tastes, and opinions together is bound to result in some type of clash sooner or later. However, by being professional and understanding, you can resolve conflicts.
Some personalities for example: extroverts are energized by other people and actions, they are talkers, and sometimes they interrupt people at meetings, on the other hand introverts keep the best for themselves and are perceived as quite. Sensors and intuitive is a category to explain how people gather information about the world. Sensors are quite literal and prefer facts and details to interpretations, intuitive see the forest , sensors see the trees. Thinkers base their decisions on objective values, and are often described as logical, detached, or analytical. Some thinkers are thought of as cold or uncaring because they would rather do what is right than what makes people happy. In contrast, feelers tend to make decisions based on what will create harmony. Feelers avoid conflict; and will overextend themselves to accommodate the needs of others. Feelers will always "put themselves in somebody else's shoes" and ask how people will be affected before making a decision.
All of these are factors that we had to consider in order to make the best decisions for this team to be effective. Situations arise that we had to deal with conflict and some deviations on staff performance. Team members were getting frustrated because it seemed as Marcell was withdrawing from the group. A coaching meeting was called so I could talk to Marcell and let him explain to me what was going on, I reminded him of the team’s common purpose and talking to him about what is was being perceived. This gave him the chance to regroup and clarify his situation.
Another conflict was when Amrita was pushing her personal agenda on the team. So again, meeting with Amrita and discussing how important her work was and that would be recognized but also reminding her team also wanted to share ideas and between all of them they could come up with better ideas. She was used to work...

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