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Creating And Affirmative Action Plan Essay

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Creating an Affirmative Action Plan
An affirmative action plain is a formal plan created by employers to address the disparity of minorities and women in the employer’s workforce. Affirmative action plans are also implemented by organizations to meet a requirement for doing business with the federal government. An employer may also look to implement a plan to rectify past discriminatory practices. This paper will examine several of the key factors that are needed in creating an effective affirmative action plan.
Before any deficiencies can be addressed a job group analysis needs to be conducted. This analysis is used to show each job classification and if it is held by a woman or ...view middle of the document...

Hiring goals should also be established so that the employer can hire towards meeting that goal.
The plan should also include some type of monitoring and reporting mechanism that is used to report and track every facet of the program to ensure that the plan is having the desired effect. Periodic monitoring should include but not be limited to compensation and pay records, records that relate to the recruitment and hiring of new personnel, turnover reports and records that reflect the promotions from within the organization. Conducting annual analysis of job descriptions will help ensure that the descriptions accurately reflect the job duties (Sample affirmative action, nd). Reporting of the plan’s effectiveness to senior management is also imperative if the plan is to be successful . A commitment to diversity has to be shown by senior management and embraced by them if the plan is to be implemented across the organization.
The plan must also reevaluate every human resource policy to ensure that there are no hidden barriers that are preventing the organization from becoming a diverse workplace. The intent of the policy may not be discriminatory but all policies will need to be reexamined to ensure they are in compliance with the affirmative action plan. If a human resource policy is shown to be a obstacle to the overall effectiveness of the affirmative action plan the policy will be reevaluated and changed accordingly.
A strong focus needs to be placed on training and educating the management team of the benefits of a diversified workplace. Ongoing trainings can be...

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