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Creating A Successful Rfp (Request For Proposal) Assignment

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Creating a Successful RFP (Request for Proposal) Assignment
Advanced Topics in Networking
Week 4 (DUE)

Request for Proposal

Throughout this course and the Information Technology/Telecommunications arena you may or may not work in, the concept of a “RFP” will be raised. Using the Course Lecture, the Internet, your textbook, our Thread Discussions and the many Telecommunications industry magazines on this topic, create a “RFP” on the technology you have selected. Write a 2-3 page (minimum) RFP, utilizing most or all the elements of a good RFP (ex. Solicitation Planning, Vendor Selection, and Evaluating the Proposal) and describing the technology you have selected . Please ...view middle of the document...

Student discussed argument for the pros and cons of the technology being discussed/proposed.
Citation/Sources/References: Student properly stated/cited what page they found the answer in the text.
Grammar & Punctuation Accuracy: Student had No grammatical or spelling errors in assignment
Organization/Neatness/Presentation: Student formatting of paper was neat, organized and included (writing out the question –THEN presenting the answer)
High Quality & Excellent Writing Skills: The paper is clear, engaging, original, and focused; ideas and content are richly developed with details and examples. Organization and form enhance the central idea and theme; ideas are presented coherently to move the reader through the text. The voice of the writer is compelling and conveys the writer’s meaning through effective sentence structure and precise word choices. The writer successfully moves the paper through academic constructs and experiential documentation to critical analysis. The paper demonstrates a clear balance of these three components.

NOTE: These assessments and guidelines are based upon the individual Professor’s expert judgement of what is considered High/Medium/Low Quality work.
Medium Value
(40-50 points)

Research: Student answered “part”, some or most of the question presented., but not all. Student did “some” research on the subject matter but not enough detail or properly “spotting the legal issue.
Identification/Use of Terms: Student identified/spotted SOME advanced networking technology concepts within the Telecommunications, Networking and Information Technology industry, BUT did not mention and discuss some key terms that are relevant to the topic being discussed.
Textbook Incorporation/Definitions/Concepts: Student utilized a few definitions and advanced networking concepts from textbook, but had low to medium incorporation and application of key terms and concepts from the textbook, that are relevant to the specific technology being discussed. Student could have applied more usage of relevant terms from the textbook into their paper.
Discussed Pros & Cons of Technology: Student did some contrast and comparison and briefly discussed arguments for “both sides” of the implementation and/or consideration of the technology being discussed/proposed. BUT student could have explored and discussed argument for the pros and cons of the technology being discussed/proposed in more detail.
Citation/Sources/References: Student did not properly cite all sources. Student listed some sources and citations properly but not all.
Grammar & Punctuation Accuracy: Student had a few grammatical, punctuation and/or spelling errors in their paper/writing assignment.
Organization/Neatness/Presentation: Student formatting of paper was somewhat neat, but could have been more organized and neater in appearance. More use of Microsoft Word advanced features could have bee used to enhance the appearance and presentation of the paper. (writing...

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