Creating A Methodology Essay

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Creating a Methodology
July 20, 2015
Lanika Jones
Project Management
Dr. Christopher Hase

John Compton, the president of the company could not understand why his executive team waited so long to develop an enterprise project management methodology (EPM) for their company. Being that they knew about what steps, how to go about it the start up and the time frame are was going to take to execute this plan. But first when you think about a methodology what it is? A methodology a set of methods, rules, or ideas that are important in a science or art: a particular procedure or set of procedures. When Compton’s executive team was presented with this idea of creating a methodology for ...view middle of the document...

‘These cultures force project teams to compete with one another for valuable corporate resources. Where the project manager often demand that the employees demonstrate more loyalty to the project that their line managers (Kerzner 99). In Compton’s team this factor is so evident on why they waited so long because they were afraid for their position if creating a methodology was a success. Instead of looking of the executive team looking at creating methodology by put together at Project Management team (PM) or working with a outside PM team they should look at it as gain more experience to what they already know and not that someone is going to take there position.
Once a sense of trust has being establish within the team the team then have to decide who is should they team report too throughout the project. In this case I think the project management office should report to chief information officer (CIO). “The chief information officer (CIO) in an organization is the person in charge of formulating an information technology strategy and overseeing the computer systems and services that support day-to-day operations.” ( Tech Target). The CIO will be able to give Compton and the executive...

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